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    Windows 10 x64 system recovery Disc

    The boot sector of a bootable CD/DVD is different from a UFD, so it's not as simple as copying the files from your UFD to an optical disc, but it can be done, just not sure about the details. However, systems have supported UFD booting for about 15 or more years, so unless you're running Win10...
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    The design principles of intuitive UI are dead

    @Rengway I would love to read and share it when it's ready, with your permission, of course. Sent from my VS988 using Tapatalk
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    Resetting Windows Password

    Easiest method I've used, no additional software required. Sent from my RS988 using Tapatalk
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    Recover cleaned data from diskpart

    The "clean" command in diskpart wipes the partition table off the selected disk, so the NTFS master file table is no longer associated with the partition. There might be a Linux tool that can restore the MFT to a new partition but I'm not aware if that's actually possible. Most likely you're...
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    I need help with an Error

    This might happen if it's an old game with an old DRM, like SecuROM. 64 bit Windows can't properly emulate that old code so you'd have to find a emulator (not sure if that will actually work anymore) or find a DRM-free crack. Before you try that though, have tried running in compatibility mode...
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    too much downloading

    Open the Run dialog box (Win+R keyboard shortcut), type "resmon" and press enter key. Click the Network tab and click the "Receive Bytes" column header. This will show you all processes using network bandwidth, sorted from most to least. I believe the process column is called "Image" or "Image...
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    How would you rate Windows 7

    9/10, best Windows version to date. Only BSODs I had were the result of overclocking and a game utilizing an Intel CPU instruction on an AMD processor that didn't support it, but other than some negligible interface glitches, e.g. desktop icons not retaining their positions between reboots...
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    The design principles of intuitive UI are dead

    It seems to me that intuitive UI went the way of the dodo with the advent of flat, minimalistic UI. Windows 8's Metro UI, Windows 10's Fluent design, Android's Material design, etc., are featureless and indistinct. The brain has spent its entire existence processing the visible world in three...
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    HD is any 1280x720 or larger image. Photos taken with a hi-res camera will look better and make larger files because they have more pixels. A 1280x720 image is 0.9 megapixels, 1920x1080 is 2 megapixels. My phone's camera is 5312x2988, that's 16 megapixels and roughly 5 megabytes. The snipping...
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    How would you rate Windows 7

    For the first time in the history of Windows, I had to reinstall the calculator app. Just wouldn't run all of a sudden. How incompetent do you have to be to screw up something as basic as a calculator app? Sent from my RS988 using Tapatalk
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    How would you rate Windows 7

    Bejeweled 3 will not run in Windows 10. Sent from my RS988 using Tapatalk
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    Help! Display wakes as soon as it sleeps.

    Never mind, I figured it out. Unplugged my gamepad and now my monitor stays asleep, but I never had to disconnect my gamepad before.
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    Help! Display wakes as soon as it sleeps.

    I use MPCHC to watch TV shows and movies on my, and I have it set to turn the monitor off when it reaches the end of the playlist. Recently I installed some video editors to try, and now when MPCHC turns off the monitor, it wakes up again after a couple seconds. I uninstalled the video editing...
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    How would you rate Windows 7

    I beg to differ. Sometimes my laptop disconnects from wifi when it wakes up from sleep, and doesn't show any access points in the connect to list. I have to disable and re-enable the adapter in Network and Sharing Center to fix it. That's just one of many oddities and glitches I deal with on all...
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    LAN shares not accessible

    I'm a professional Windows user and technician, but I hate Win8 & 10, so I've never had either on my own devices to get familiar with...until Dec. 2018. I have a Lenovo laptop running Windows 10 Home x64. I have disabled all telemetry user settings, added the "AllowTelemetry" registry entry...