The design principles of intuitive UI are dead


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It seems to me that intuitive UI went the way of the dodo with the advent of flat, minimalistic UI. Windows 8's Metro UI, Windows 10's Fluent design, Android's Material design, etc., are featureless and indistinct. The brain has spent its entire existence processing the visible world in three dimensions, so naturally, a pseudo-3D interface would be easier for your brain to recognize interactive elements and determine what each is used for before you're even consciously aware of it. Furthermore, textured or smooth, curvaceous, colorful interfaces are more pleasing to look at because the more detail the brain processes, the more synapses have to fire, and the brain makes those synapses spark by releasing neurotransmitters, which are partially responsible for governing mood.

To be clear, this is my own hypothesis based on my limited knowledge of neural physiology and personal experience. I am NOT an expert on the subject.

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