windows 10

  1. S

    Weird problem w. system fonts in Windows 10

    As a rule Windows comes pretty clear black system fonts. But on a laptop I have the fonts appear blue and very faint when I hook it to a large screen. What is even weirder is that 1. the Windows installed on it is a restore of an image of another laptop that shows clear black on that screen...
  2. bedouinbro

    dolby access app windows 10

    I'm trying to install Dolby Access app from Microsoft Store - Generation Project (v1.2.3) [by @rgadguard & mkuba50] pasting this link provides all the packages Dolby Access - Official app in the Microsoft Store I am following this guide, Requirements Wiztree and WSAppBak to find the...
  3. bedouinbro

    Random black screens but the PC keeps running

    I'm getting a random black screens and no audio from the monitor, The PC keeps running the monitor loses signal, and its light indicator keeps blinking ( I always keep it on the standby mode so no LED indicator when using PC ). I also use unified remote app, and Chrome Remote Desktop. When the...
  4. S

    How to add many any programs to the list of installed programs

    I've made a PowerShell command which takes all the shortcuts in the folder you direct it to, and it makes registry keys for them so that they show up as installed apps. They get an appropriate icon and name. You can uninstall it to, HOWEVER uninstalling it simply removes the registry key so...
  5. bedouinbro

    Windows Script Host Errors on Windows 10 Start-up

    im getting Windows Script Host Errors on Windows 10 Start-up. followed this guide and ran the Autoruns but the file isn't appearing on the list, also tried...
  6. K

    Windows 10 installation. Dozens of Driver errors

    I'm attempting to purchase a new (used, refurbished) Z440 with Windows 10. The first one came with the wrong hardware configuration but while checking it out I noticed a large number of device/driver error in the system devices section of Device Manager. and Problem devices section of the...
  7. J

    Unable to activate Windows - Closed!

    I am unable to activate the Windows I upgraded yesterday from Windows 8.1 on the existing key. When I type SLUI 4 I dont get the screen to activate by phone. I just get the option to enter a new product key. Please assist so that I can activate via phone support.
  8. bedouinbro

    how do i enable copilot in windows 10 ?

    how do i enable copilot in windows 10 ? tried vive tool to enable it but getting errors, theres no option in registry either ?! followed all these steps shown in these tutorials, Add or Remove Copilot Button on Taskbar in Windows 10...
  9. ErMurazor

    Distorted audio in Gamebar recordings

    Hi all, I'm looking for a help to solve a big problem with Xbox Game-bar. I used the integrated Windows gamebar recorder to record my gameplays since all the time. And still, I like to it rather than using third party software. But there's a very disturbing problem with it; Whenever I record any...
  10. Jerrryemy

    Windows 10 Automatically logging onto an unloadable kiosk account without being able to log onto the admin account

    I curiously made an assigned access kiosk account with Edge as its app. After I logged out and tried logging onto the kiosk account, it said that the user profile service (and in other tries it said ProfSvc) failed and I cannot use the account at all. After I logged out, I saw that my admin...
  11. S

    Miracast/Wireless Display Connections Not Working (Company Wide)

    Hello All, I work within our company's IT Infrastructure department. As of about 4-6 weeks ago (hard to pin down an exact date), Miracast and wireless display connections are no longer working at all, for anyone within the company with a Windows laptop. We 150 users with Windows 10 and about 25...
  12. BrokenWinDoz

    Windows 10 Windows 10 Shows DeepFreeze Symptomps !

    Hello everyone, I hope this message finds you well. I'm currently facing a critical issue with my computer and I'm seeking some expert guidance to resolve it. Two days ago, I encountered a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) error related to memory. Upon restarting, the issue seemed to persist, but...
  13. H

    Windows 10 Edit powercfg values (

    Hi So I got this tremendous slow machine with specs we cannot change... However I´ll try to boost and speed it up as much as possible. Windows build: S Name: Microsoft Windows 10 Home OS Version: 10.0.19045 N/A Build 19045 OS Manufacturer: Microsoft...
  14. 15meli

    Bad system confif info on windows 10

    I need urgent assistance. a few weeks ago I woke up one morning-as any other day, and turned on my pc. I was then met with a blue screen reading "error code: bad system config info". I looked up a mother load of videos for help, tried everything (using the system restore tool, multiple different...
  15. V

    after going into safe mode my pc restarts and then boots up with a black screen

    So when I was trying to go to safe mode I went to "msconfig" using "Run" then I clicked "boot" then I clicked safe boot and set it to minimal after that i clicked apply and restarted my pc and my pc shows the "HKC" logo then says "no signal" and then the "no signal" thing disappeared and then...
  16. F

    gpupdate fail - error "access denied" sporadically - event 1058 and 1096

    Hello there, I'm asking some help about a problem that we are facing since ages. The problem : PC on domain sometimes can't do a gpupdate /force and get the following error in terminal : Sometimes, its the gpt.ini that cannot be read, sometimes its the \Machine\registry.pol file. Always the...
  17. bruh

    Windows 10 HDD's & Disk Cleanup | Is it worth it?

    The hard-drive used by my PC is an HDD with a total of 903GB of space. However, I currently only have 79.1GB of storage space left to use on it. I opened disk cleaner and let it run its check to calculate how much space I can free up, and it (eventually after a long wait) told me that disk...
  18. F

    Windows 10 Can't go further start configuration

    Hi, i can't go further with my Windows 10 start configuration. I reset my laptop, but during configuration process, when there is the screen "Help us identify your identity", i inserted my phone number and it says "i can't send SMS to this number. I inserted 3 other phone numbers and all the...
  19. bruh

    VERY slow boot | Takes forever to get to the login screen.

    Hi there! My computer is frustratingly slow to boot when I turn it on, and i'm wondering if anybody could give me any tips on how to speed it up or what the issue might be. I have a feeling that it may be multiple things, like the RAM, CPU and HDD all being the issue, but I know that there are...