windows 10

  1. H

    Windows 10 Please help with malware

    Today Windows Defender started giving me notifications about "Hive.yz" which is apparently ransomware and it won't shut up about it. I've clicked "Block" under the "Actions" tab after clicking the notification each time but it hasn't helped. Currently performing a full scan of my computer after...
  2. T

    Wi-fi connection stability issue (Windows 10)

    Around past 1 ~ 2 weeks, the wi-fi connection showned a instability sometimes. It's more noticeable while I'm playing some games like League of Legends, Counter Strike or seeing a livestream, and then the wi-fi connection falls for a few seconds and comes back with a high latency. I recorded a...
  3. S

    Windows 10 Wi-Fi problem

    So I have a dell Inspiron with windows 10 installed. For months my issue seems to possibly be the WiFi adapter. Once connected to WIFI everything works normal. A few minutes later, I lose connection and every WiFi connection (besides the one I’m connected to) disappears from the connections...
  4. S

    How to delete a subnet from bigger subnet route delete PowerShell Windows?

    Hi, This is route print output: IPv4 Route Table =========================================================================== Active Routes: Network Destination Netmask Gateway Interface Metric 55...
  5. MajklJ

    Windows 10 Multiple applications seem to be missing CSS/other style format.

    In the past month or so, I have noticed a blaring issue with multiple applications ranging from official Microsoft popups, through HP Support Assistant, to Adobe Installers not loading their style format. I concluded that this is most likely an error with some part of Windows these applications...
  6. AkshayGaurSX

    100% Disk Usage on Windows 10 - But installation pendrive reduces it from 100 to 50%

    I did a reinstallation of windows 10 in my laptop but it created a issue of 100% disk usage and this issue is not becuase of any service or update or driver. But Actually this isuue has some relation with the USB installation pendrive Because when i inserted that pendrive, immediaetly the disk...
  7. M

    Windows 10 Shortcut Keys not working

    I got a macro keypad, been trying to set it up but for whatever reason, all the shortcuts i set up in the shortcut property window just dont work, and by that i mean I make a shortcut to the exe and open up properties. The shortcuts are preset as CTR+ALT+[num], and for whatever reason any...
  8. G

    How to manage browsers processing in Windows 10?

    Hi, I opened three browsers; Firefox, Chrome & Opera in Windows 10. I didn’t open any website in any browsers. However, I see browsers are utilizing more process. Can I control it? If yes, let me know, how to manage browsers processing so that it doesn’t utilize more processing in idle...
  9. G

    Unable to find Microsoft Remote Desktop Assistant in Windows 10

    Hi, I just downloaded Microsoft Remote Desktop Assistant in Windows 10 Pro. It was installed successfully. After installation, I am unable to find it in Program list, Program Files and Program Files (x86). Pls let me know, where I can find it? With Regards NndnG
  10. G

    Certificate can’t be verified while connecting Windows 10 from Android.

    Hi. Microsoft Remote Desktop Assistant is installed in Windows 10 Pro. While connecting Windows 10 from the android app RD Client, the error message says, Certificate can’t be verified. It may not be safe to connect to this PC because of the following reason: Not from a trusted certifying...
  11. J

    Windows 10 Memory leak on Windows 10 - Solved

    A memory leak started a few days ago. It is happing while the system is on idle. Even after rebooting the computer. The increased memory is not reflecting in the task manager. I have 6GB of total RAM, it starts at 50% and then it just keeps going up until it reaches 95%. It might not be...
  12. rald


    Hi Everyone, I usually do use dual monitors, My laptop screen and external monitor. But today my display 1 (which is my laptop screen) is a white screen after I stay asleep, I don't know why because when I wake up it's a white screen already, and now it's a black screen. I've tried opening the...
  13. J

    Auto Logoff users after being idle

    Hello, I'm trying to come up with a way on a local workstation to be able to log out an admin if they forget to log off for the day. I was thinking something like 5 minutes of being idle to force user to log off. I went through several forums, including this site, but nothing seems to work...
  14. X

    Boot loop after installing update, cannot uninstall update and system recovery doesn't work.

    This is the third time this has happened, the first time it allowed me to recover to before the update, but now for whatever reason the boot loop continues after restoring. The second time I gave up and reset my pc, but I don't want to reset it again, plus this all seems like a temporary...
  15. Fluffyhoovy

    Windows 10 Steam games using unreal engine 4 or MT framework crash on startup after new update

    Only games using these engines are crashing, I've tried reinstalling the games, verifying cache, reinstalling steam, nothing I could find works. The only thing that did work for a short while was resetting windows, the games launched, then I restarted my pc and they started crashing on startup...
  16. E

    My cursor clicks everything

    I'm using an Acer, windows 10. I've tried disconnecting my mouse, reconnecting another mouse, Virus scans, lowering touchpad sensitivity and all I can think off but it keeps doing it. Whether my mouse is connected or not/ and whether my fingers are touching the touchpad or not, the cursor flies...
  17. R3D0X

    Two 144Hz Monitors -> Bad fps only in Windows?

    Hey guys! Im using a dual monitor system with two 144Hz capable monitors, which are connected via Display-Port and HDMI 2.0 to a GTX 980 ti. Graphics drivers are up-to-date, as is windows and there are no special monitor drivers. Now for my problem: Ingame, or in any full-screen program there...
  18. D

    internal DVD not showing in windows explorer

    Hi all, On my desktop PC, there's a internal DVD-rom, which doesn't show in the file explorer. When I put in a DVD, it starts spinning, but windows shows no reaction. In the Device-Manager, under "Disk Drives", a "Force MP510" is listed. I uninstalled it, an rebooted the computer. It pops up...
  19. Y

    Windows 10 How to restore Windows 10 if other OS is installed?

    I've just purchased a laptop with Windows 10 pre-installed. However, I don't want to use it right now and I want to replace it with Ubuntu. My question is, if in the future I want Windows 10 back, how do I restore it?
  20. Lixie

    slow laptop

    my laptop is being really really slow and sometimes not responding after startup this happened 2 days ago, i tried restarting it multiple times and it still happened.Task manager says nothing is consumin more then 50% resources but sometimes task manager also doesnt respond.Opening win+r and...