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Windows 11 Win10/Win11 - Keyboard Layout / Language Settings


New Member
Dec 24, 2022
Hi all

Since years, since Windows 10, i experience a crazy behaviour with the windows language setting for the keyboard.

1. I install Windows 11 from scratch and select as Language "German". I select as keyboard "Switzerland (German)".
2. After the installation i have two keyboard layouts present: German (Switzerland) and French (Switzerland).
3. Ok, our country has multiple languages, i can live with that, even when i did not select it during the setup.

4. I remove the layouts i don't need. Everything seems to be fine.
5. After a couple of days i experience this (out of nowhere) - there is a layout/language selector icon in the taskbar present.

2022-12-24 10_42_39-Einstellungen.png

- Only Language is "German (Switzerland)" aka "Deutsch (Schweiz)"
- In the taskbar i see multiple languages and multiple keyboard layouts. WHY?

I have a look if i have multiple keyboard layouts within my language

2022-12-24 10_43_30-Einstellungen.png

- The only keyboard layout i have is "German (Switzerland)" aka "Deutsch (Schweiz)"

To fix this:
a) I have to add all those languages and make sure the keyboard layout is correctly selected within all those languages
b) Then i can remove those languages and the keyboard layout icon in the taskbar next to the date/time disappears -> All good then.

After a few days go back to 5) anr repeat all the steps again.

If i stay at step 5) i already checked my keyboard layout settings in the registry, it looks like this then:

2022-12-24 10_50_12-Registrierungs-Editor.png

- I only can see my "German (Switzerlan)" aka "Deutsch (Schweiz)" layout in there (0000807).

It's not something i experience with my installation only. I see the same behaviour on nearly every device i have in my hands. It's anyoing me since the release of Windows 10. Still there with Windows 11.

Does anybody experienced the same and has a permanent solution for this?

Merry xmas all and happy new year soon!
- Tom