1. tomtheone

    Windows 11 Win10/Win11 - Keyboard Layout / Language Settings

    Hi all Since years, since Windows 10, i experience a crazy behaviour with the windows language setting for the keyboard. 1. I install Windows 11 from scratch and select as Language "German". I select as keyboard "Switzerland (German)". 2. After the installation i have two keyboard layouts...
  2. Nex123

    Windows 10 I have old asset names on win 10 home

    So i recently changed my language from finnish to english, but for somereason some of the assets are still in finnish, for example the file explorer and settings here are some images:
  3. No Name

    Windows 7 Windows 7 All Languages in one iso

    Hi, I want a Windows 7 All in one iso but not like this : Windows 7 Starter x86 Windows 7 Home Basic x86 Windows 7 Home Premium x86 Windows 7 Professional x86 Windows 7 Ultimate x86 Windows 7 Home Basic x64 Windows 7 Home Premium x64 Windows 7 Professional x64 Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Like this ...
  4. G

    Windows 10 language change problem win 10

    Hi, You are my last hope to solve my problem. I need to change my system language to English, but after an update to 1803 the language icon has disappeared from the control panel. But the biggest issue appears when there are no languages under the "+" button in language and region tab in system...
  5. E

    Windows 10 I CANNOT change the language on my Surface Pro 2 from Spanish to English.

    I got the surface from someone in Spain and it's stock setting is Spanish. I didn't have issues changing the language to english when I got it. I believe there have been times before where after an update everything was reset to stock language-wise. I didn't have issues changing the language...
  6. Lakis01

    Windows 10 Completely change Win10 Language

    Hey everyone, having gotten a friends key I regularly installed Windows in German, but now I want to switch it to English. I already added the language pack at Start Menu - Settings - Language & Time - Region & Language. Then I dragged it to the top and just to make sure removed German. Now...
  7. Mothil

    Windows 10 Scandinavian letters on US keyboard?

    Hi there! I figured this question should sort of be appropriate here, considering I don't have this problem on my macbook. So I just got my desktop pc back, and it feels great - however, I've run into a couple problems. One of those said problems is writing norwegian letters on my keyboard...
  8. Philosopher

    Windows 10 Will I be able to change the language after the windows 10 upgrade?

    If I upgrade from windows 7 home premium to windows 10 (not sure which version I'll get), will I be able to change the language from Chinese to English?
  9. A

    Windows 10 System Language Change

    Hi guys, sorry if this post is redundant. I changed the display language of my Windows 7 Ultimate to English from Mandarin, but many parts of the computer experience are still in Mandarin. For instance, when I go to twitter, facebook, etc. I'm taken to the Chinese portal. Also, installation for...
  10. P

    Windows 10 Computer Language in Strange Hieroglyphics

    I turned on my PC this morning and it seems like my computer language turned into some weird boxes and other hieroglyphics. This only affects my computer and not any other applications. I took a screenshot of my PC to give you an example of what it looks like, unfortunately, I can't post it in...