keyboard layout

  1. tomtheone

    Windows 11 Win10/Win11 - Keyboard Layout / Language Settings

    Hi all Since years, since Windows 10, i experience a crazy behaviour with the windows language setting for the keyboard. 1. I install Windows 11 from scratch and select as Language "German". I select as keyboard "Switzerland (German)". 2. After the installation i have two keyboard layouts...
  2. V

    Windows 10 Choose Keyboard Layout; stuck

    I'll present first the issue, then the back story and some of my findings. The issue is that I recently upgraded to Windows 10, for many reasons I wanted a fresh start with my PC and wanted to factory reset it. To do this I used the software which came with Windows 10. The problem being, the...
  3. F

    Win Server 2012 Keyboard Layout Loginscreen

    Hi there, I need the posibillity to choose multible keyboard layouts, like qwerz/qwerty, on the loginscreen, because we have user with differend layouts on her PCs. I've two languages installed an the switch from german to eng works fine on the desktop, but not an login. Is there a solution...