Miracast/Wireless Display Connections Not Working (Company Wide)


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Oct 26, 2023
Hello All,

I work within our company's IT Infrastructure department. As of about 4-6 weeks ago (hard to pin down an exact date), Miracast and wireless display connections are no longer working at all, for anyone within the company with a Windows laptop. We 150 users with Windows 10 and about 25 with Windows 11 (myself included). Our company exclusively uses Dell Laptops and Dell desktops, all in all about 7 different models in total across the board.

We have verified that at this point 10+ people have tried on many different devices. We have all of our devices connected to our internal domain, which does have a Palo Alto firewall, CyberReason security, and Cisco Umbrella DNS Security that is managed by our parent company. We do not believe any of the aforementioned security is the cause of the issue, as I attempted to connect with a new Dell Latitude 3540 laptop running Windows 11 pre and post updates. Still no luck. We have been using 2 styles of Wireless HDMI Display Adapters, a Windows Wireless Display Adapter, and also a J5create 4K Wireless HDMI Screencast adapter.

Troubleshooting Steps that we have attempted:

Uninstalling/reinstalling the wifi card driver as well as updating to the latest one, or rolling back
Uninstalling/reinstalling the display drivers directly from Dell
Resetting the network info on the device
Using multiple different networks (both our internal domain networks and our guest wifi)
Attempted to connect with wifi turned off (that of course did not work)
Made certain all necessary boxes were checked for Windows to allow Wireless Display connection

Our team is at a loss trying to figure out what the issue might be? Would anyone have any suggestions?

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