windows 10

  1. D

    Windows 10 doesn't boot after dual boot: Not even an image appears

    Hello everyone. Hope you are doing ok. I have an Asus Laptop X407UB with 4 Intel® Core™ i3-6006U CPU @ 2.00GHz processors, 12 GB RAM and 1 TB of disk storage. Today, I decided to dual boot Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with Windows 10, but, since I installed Ubuntu to my computer, my Windows doesn't even...
  2. D

    Windows 10 reuse key?

    Hi, I have a macbook and I run a windows boot camp partition on it most of the time. However, I frequently delete the partition whenever I don't need to use windows, need to add/remove space on the partition, or whenever I muck something up with it. I recently was trying to avoid having to make...
  3. girishf1

    Windows 10 Overuses Mobile Data?

    Hi Friends, I had Noticed that when I was doing some work on my laptop of my company by connecting my mobile hotspot on Windows 10, it depletes my mobile data very quickly. I found that Windows 10’s automatic updates was one of the main source, and even various metro apps uses lots of data. How...
  4. ShakyJakey

    Save As prompt doesn't show filename or type.

    Most programs "Save as..." does not show the filename nor the type of file extensions, unlike the open prompt. Some programs open/save fine (see image), some use the older prompt, others use the default, how it should look. I've been pulling my hair out. I've edited in the registry. I've...
  5. awwsomeim

    Multiple instances of unknown icon appearing in taskbar

    For couple of weeks now, I am getting an unknown icon that appears in the taskbar (running apps). When I open the taskbar icon, I can see multiple instances but after opening they close quickly. I am not sure what it is. Any sort of help would be great.
  6. BringMeASunkist

    Windows constantly asking for me to sign into OneDrive?

    Windows is asking me to sign into OneDrive about once an hour. My problem is that I changed the email address my OneDrive is associated with, and now I can't log back into it on this machine. Is there a way to fix that? The account it's referencing is no longer accessible.
  7. B

    User Account Missing?

    Hello, I am on Windows 10, and I performed a Windows Update, and then after the computer restarted, my user account was empty, all my personal files are gone, nothing in the documents, desktop, downloads. It appears my user account is now missing. I performed a system restore, but it only...
  8. lucasbrown

    "System Thread Exception Not Handled" Error at startup after Restore to New Hardware

    Hi, I'm really hoping someone can help me out here. I tried searching for this issue before posting but didn't get any exact matches, so my apologies if it has been asked/answered before. I have an old Asus CM1745 that has been the workhorse in my music studio for a while now but it's starting...
  9. Nitech Stainless

    Which compatibility Windows should i take?

    Hello Everyone, As I have started my new vendor Nitech Stainless Inc, please suggest me the best and fastest window (windows 7 or windows 10)
  10. Svenn12

    Please Help me i'm in trouble

    Please Help me : i decided to install new windows 10 system in my Lenovo g50-70 laptop .(i was on windows 8.1) but i've faced a problem during installation of win 10 ,so before i format my C directory File, i've moved my important files to D and E and during installation i've deleted my Old C...
  11. P

    How to print to dynamic IP printer

    I have a window 10 PC , it use wired network to connect internet , the IP address is I have a router , the internet IP is , I also have a printer attached this router , the printer dynamic IP is Now If I want the above PC ( IP address : )...
  12. Amine555

    will Windows10 work with my pc specs?

    Hello everyone i hope everyone is good As u reader in Title,i wanna see if Win10 is compatible with my pc specs without any bugs/problems here are them
  13. P

    Windows 10 Compression of Tree Folder directory

    Tree Folder directory I am not a programmer nor I know about programming, so far. The directory tree is as follows: work/documents/Client_01/year 2018/January/PO_0001/ work/documents/Client_01/year 2018/February/PO_0002/ work/documents/Client_01/year 2018/December/PO_0092/...
  14. pratibha91

    How do I clean junk off my computer?

    Hello Everyone, Should I download any third-party software or use disk cleanup in windows that will help to get rid of this? Every thought will be appreciated!! Thanks in Advance
  15. unnamed53

    Bluetooth headphones will not connect with laptop.

    So I bought these Bluetooth headphones on Amazon, and they just arrived today. For some reason every time they connect, my headphones just turn off. I thought it was just the headphones so I tried it on another laptop just to make sure, but it worked perfectly there. I went to Device Manager and...
  16. E

    Windows 10 Trying to Get Data Stored at Starting Address Designated by a Pointer Variable

    Hello, I am developing a Winodws audio program that utilizes the built in Windows Core Audio API. I have an issue where the IAudioCaptureClient is sending a STARTING ADDRESS of an audio frame to pointer pData. I am trying to find out how to read the packet stored at that starting address by the...
  17. C

    Open links in Microsoft Edge using .vbs script

    Currently I am using this script to open links in Chrome: Sub Chrome(URL) '---------------------------------------------------------------------- ' Purpose: Launch Chrome ' Arguments: <URL> '---------------------------------------------------------------------- if (ubound(split(URL," ")) =...
  18. fahadkhan2000

    Front Panel Not detecting Earphone's Mic

    Hi, I am using a headphone which works perfectly with my phone as well as my laptop. But when I am connecting it to my windows PC, it just doesn't detect it's the mic, whereas, the earpiece works perfectly. I tried a few other headphones, all seem to have the same problem when connecting to...
  19. binny dara

    Linux was happily using dual booted windows and linux and suddenly windows not booting up

    hey people .. not gonna waste your time so i dual booted my windows and kali linux everything worked fine but linux kept stopping for every 2 mins .. so to fix it i went and pressed e on kali linux in grub loader at start and i added nouveau.modeset=0 in command line.. thats a temporary fix for...
  20. FunHD2

    Windows 10 Windows 10 critical corruptions and missing files.

    I am very confused that this windows installation still even works. Not even commands work correctly. Windows defender is fucked up and integrity is non-existent. But I have an idea, I always have an idea. But I don't know if it does the correct thing for my problems. I want to reset windows...