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dmjp asks
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  • But yesterday, so many files were affected by the update and this morning I couldn't get internet access, email wouldn't work.
    In. Dec. 2015 I upgraded to Win10. After smoothing some things out, it has worked fairly well.
    I'm having a multitude of issues with the 10.18.2016 Win10 update on a Dell Inspiron Laptop that originally ran Win8.1.
    I began work with PCs before the Internet and networking, but chose another path for many years. My reeducation to cptrs began in 2014.
    OK - I'm struggling here. This is the first forum I've joined. I'm trying to get info on Win10 updates that were loaded 10.18.2016.
    So I'm struggling with Win10; many questions for ways to mend; hope windows forum has comments since 10.18.2016 update.
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