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    Start a Setup = Bluescreen + Reboot

    Under technical information ist says: ***STOP: 0x0000008E (0x0000046, 0x82AE54B5, 0x907A9368, 0x00000000) Collecting data for crash dump..... Initializing disk for crash dump..... Beginning dump of physical memory Dumping physical memory to disk.... I hope it will help you. Franz...
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    Start a Setup = Bluescreen + Reboot

    I did a clean install, not a upgrade.
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    Start a Setup = Bluescreen + Reboot

    Hi, I really like Windows 7, it´s great, but I´ve got a very big Problem. Whenever I want to start a Setup, there comes a bluesrceen. The first time it comes after I try to use O&o Disk Image, now it comes whenever I wants to start a setup. :-( The Windows makes a reboot a there´s a...
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    Windows 7 on a usb hard disk drive ?

    Hi, I´ve got a Problem: I want to install windows 7 on a external hard disk, but when I want to choose it in installations menu, there appears an error message, that it in not possible to install windows 7 on a externat usb medium. I´ve got a notebook, so I can´t integrate the external...
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