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    Windows 7 Duke Nukem 3D on windows 7

    Duke Nukem 3D is from 1997 so it should run on almost any computer. The edition has DosBox built in so no need to configure that. If you install any of the upgrades your going to need a good graphics card.
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    Windows 7 Old Mahjong game won't run in Windows 7

    Re: Upgraded from XP to WIN 7 64 bit and game won't run. Sounds like it's not going to work, one of the draw backs to upgrading. What game is it?
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    Windows 7 Duke Nukem 3D on windows 7

    I've been having a blast revisiting this game. I bought the game from and upgraded it with EDuke32 • Duke3D for Windows, Linux and OS X . Than I installed the high resolution pack Duke Nukem 3D, Duke Nukem Forever and Duke plus from fissile materials Fissile Materials and some of...
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    Windows 7 Steering Wheel question

    They should all work if you have the right drivers, no pun intended. :)
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    Windows 7 Rage car races

    Did you get weapons for yourself or your car?
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    Windows 7 Problems with Flight Sim on Windows 7.

    There is a service pack 1 & 2 that you can download within the game. I have Flight simulator X installed on my W7 64bit system and it runs with no problems.
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    Windows 7 Crysis 3 announced!

    Yes it looks like a good one. Amazon is showing the release date as 12/13. A nice trailer is out Adaptive Warfare
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    Windows 7 EL matador game problem pls help...

    Yes you're going to need a graphics card. You can find a budget card that will work,like this one Sapphire 100292DDR3L Radeon HD 5450 Video Card - 1GB, DDR3, PCI-Express 2.0 (x16), Dual-Link DVI, HDMI, VGA, DirectX 11, Single-Slot, Low Profile at but a power supply upgrade will...
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    Windows 7 EL matador game problem pls help...

    What is the name and model number of your computer? also what version of windows do you have installed?
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    Hate to say it but Windows 7 sucks in my experience

    WOW his first post! I wonder if his mommy helped him write it?
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    Unreleased AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series On The Move

    I'd probably have to sell a kidney to own one :(
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    Windows 7 Battlefield 3

    Re: Battlefield 3 Complete Coverage & Updates Can't wait to fire this baby up. I got a copy on Ebay for $35.00. Got it installed and thought I was ready to go but no what's it downloading now? AAGH! a 3.9 GB patch! and I have the slowest DSL connection on the planet, guess I can wait another...
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    Windows 7 EL matador game problem pls help...

    Looks like your Video chipset doesn't have enough memory for starters. If this is a desktop computer and you plan on playing games on it you should invest in a good graphics card from AMD or Nvidia. :)
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    Windows 7 broken sword

    From what I've read the early games of the series ran on Dos so you'll need DOSBox, an x86 emulator with DOS to run it but I'll tell you it's not easy to setup. I've read you can run them on ScummVM :: Home but I've never used Scumm VM so I couldn't say either way. Good luck getting it going.:p
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    IBM Declares the End of the PC Era

    I hear ya! I was thinking of getting an Ipad2, a friend at work has one so I talked to him about his. I found out there is no flash and video has to be quick time, that's a deal breaker for me. I think I'll give one of those Kindle Fire's a try for web surfing and keep my beefy desktop for...