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    New PC, New Problems

    Personally I wouldn't mess on, just take it back to the store and demand replacement or refund on the spot.
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    PSU Smoking and Graphics card not working now

    sounds like the old PSU was not earthed correctly... suggest send back on RMA and ask for compensation for damage it caused.
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    Windows 7 missing driver for games

    onplay.exe not working - HP Support Forum - 327953 seems to have information about this issue.
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    Well, I've been a little busy of late... trying to update my Youtube videos mainly... trying to get all my games up with footage... and takes a while.. eventually I'll start doing voice over reviews or features... for now just refining capture and editing skills... of which I lack...:redface...
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    Windows 7 Check out these great deals for PC games.... Game Keys Intkeys are a good reliable keystore for downloadable games on Steam etc, give them a try you won't be unhappy with the prices or the :stars::stars::stars::stars::stars: service
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    It's been a while

    Well after a very stressfull 3 weeks I got the video card issue sorted and replaced it with the rather nice Gainward GTX680 Phantom 4gb edition and all seems well, now finding my CPU is bottlenecking the GPU so looks like i'll have to nab myself a Ivybridge setup sometime this year.
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    It's been a while

    It's been a while since I last blogged an update about whats going on... so what's happened since the last? Well swapped onto BT infinity fibre about 4 months ago, so now getting a solid 77mb down and 17mb up speed and úber pings for game servers :p And in the recent we treated myself to a...
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    Windows 7 Need advice

    Well it should be okay for the most part... although stuff that is graphically demanding will probably cry out in pain on the nvidia 520m gpu it has... that said it'll beat the performance of laptops with crappy IntelHD gpus, it should be fine for basic console ports and older dx9 games...
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    Banned members

    I don't see a problem in banning folk with or without a public posted reason, unless they happened to be financially supporting the site. Free members shouldn't really expect anything more than acceptance of the T&Cs, which did happen to me by accident last year. As for Andrea... about time she...
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    “Run as Administrator” does not work

    while on the admin account right click the program file and set the user specified as level that can access it with execute and run... should be on the properties/security tab
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    Guild Wars 2

    Well after avoiding the beta builds to avoid spoilers etc for the last 6 months, I finally got my hands on the game a few days after launch (I like to wait 2-3 days for them to fix server issues.... especially after that Diablo 3 fiasco :mad:) and after 4 days of play I'm finding this to live up...
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    Windows 7 Skyrim Hearthfire DLC Lands on XBOX Live September 4th

    In fairness I won't be wasting time with dlc even if it does reach PC, since it's a blatent copy of a mod that's been free on the modders nexus site for many months now
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    Difference between Live Mail and Hotmail

    Personally I prefer this new look for the webmail clients for hotmail/live mail as it's a lot cleaner and the fonts are much better etc. No loss of functionality either.
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    Windows 7 Microsoft Security Essentials real time protection

    Use it also here on my 3 PCs for a long time now... it's so unobtrusive you barely notice its there... but all scans by other branded antivirus and malware scanners using standalone bootdisk methods have showed it does indeed stop the vast majority of infestations.
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    Windows 7 America's Army 3 Marksmanship Help

    There's no better method than practice.