It's been a while


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It's been a while since I last blogged an update about whats going on... so what's happened since the last?

Well swapped onto BT infinity fibre about 4 months ago, so now getting a solid 77mb down and 17mb up speed and úber pings for game servers :p

And in the recent we treated myself to a 680GTX Jetstream 4gb, although currently got a teething problem that looks like it needs a RMA done :(

Flogged my 580 GTX to a good friend, god the timing so now back to my old 5870 for the time being...:^) it's still okay I guess but gettign grief off the daughter as she's now demoted to using a laptop and android pad thing till mine sorted, kid's eh? don't know they are born, she's only 6 years old and a passionate PC gamer, bless.
Well after a very stressfull 3 weeks I got the video card issue sorted and replaced it with the rather nice Gainward GTX680 Phantom 4gb edition and all seems well, now finding my CPU is bottlenecking the GPU so looks like i'll have to nab myself a Ivybridge setup sometime this year.