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  1. B

    Veracrypt Corrupted UEFI

    Asus 2012 UEFI 16GBDDR3 Laptop N56V(z) Veracrypt version from april 2023 Win10 22H2 Pro Encrypted C Windows system partition, then deleted all partitions on disk, then in UEFI, removed Veracrypt boot entry option. It never booted since then. It is always black screen, 100% black, nothing else...
  2. spapayik

    Failing HDD

    2016 ASUS F555-LA w/ Intel Core i7-5500U Processor (4M Cache, up to 3GHz), Intel HD Graphics 5500 12GB DDR3L 1600 MHz Memory , 1TB 5400 RPM Hard Drive, Was Running Windows...
  3. blackmagicislam

    Windows 10 Which laptop is best fo me ?

    My budget is $350 to 550 $ my laptop is old Now I m planning of new laptop Please, guys suggest me
  4. Saraghtera

    Windows 10 WIN 10 Microsoft's applications crashing, Start menu and available wifis

    Hello Firstly I'm going to say that I'm familiar with the win 10 start menu problems and I've fixed them before. The fix now just does not work. Also this problem is a multiparter with start menu being just one area affected. Getting down to business: A week ago Microsoft's products started...
  5. aviv levi

    Windows 10 windows scheduler fails when laptop is on batteries

    hello everyone, I'm new to this forum - hope we will have a nice time I'm trying for weeks now to schedule a task to run a jar file every day at 3:20 pm. the trick is - I want it to work when my laptop is in "sleep" (not "sleep mode"). The best I got was that the jar was succesfully activated...
  6. Neemobeer

    HP Devices now with built-in keylogger...

    Looks like some HP laptops and tablets come with a keylogger courtesy of a Conexant audio driver... HP laptops covertly log user keystrokes, researchers warn You can remove the offending app by opening an elevated powershell prompt and copy each command and run it. Remove-Item -Path...
  7. F

    Windows 7 Same BSOD on multiple identical laptops

    Greetings BSOD Gurus! I have one that's stumping me, and even though I tried I haven't been able to figure it out on my own. Quick backstory: These laptops are identical to each other, right now I'm looking at 5 or 6 of them doing the same thing, seemingly at random throwing a BSOD...
  8. ussnorway

    Crucial (2014) 2016-05-08

    download and run ... it will open a browser page to display your system specs... a handy way to see how many ram slots a laptop has and whats in them now.
  9. L

    Windows 10 Windows 10 installation question

    I am not sure how this works but I have a serious question regarding the free upgrade. I bought a Sony Vaio back in 2012 when it was brand new. In 2014 the HDD gave out and I recently was given a brand new one (HDD) by a friend who bought the wrong one for his laptop but it fit in mine. I had...
  10. F

    Windows 10 Need help ASAP

    Guys, I need help with something. It's about my Windows laptop. It's an HP laptop. Right now I'm experiencing a huge problem. When I turn it on and start using it for about three hours, it works fine but after those three hours, my laptop starts acting up. The problem is this: the internet (my...
  11. Lauryn

    Windows 7 Laptop Limited Connection to Wifi Since New Computer Was Added to the Network

    For Christmas, we got a new desktop computer. Since the computer was built and connected to the wifi network (it is not connected with an Ethernet cable), my personal laptop has not worked with the wifi network. I only get "limited access." If I go downstairs closer to router it immediately...
  12. How To Make Your Laptop USB3 Compatible

    How To Make Your Laptop USB3 Compatible

    It is fairly easy to upgrade your laptop to the latest USB3 and eSATA technology using PCI-based expresscards found on many older laptops. In this video, Mike Fara from http://windows7forums.com shows you how it is done. We go through some benchmarks and the process of backing up the laptop...