Guys, I need help with something. It's about my Windows laptop. It's an HP laptop. Right now I'm experiencing a huge problem. When I turn it on and start using it for about three hours, it works fine but after those three hours, my laptop starts acting up. The problem is this: the internet (my internet doesn't have any problems at all) gets very slow, I can't open the start menu (I can only right-click it but I can't left-click it to open) and I can't right-click any app in the toolbar and I can't open Settings nor use it. I restarted it and it goes back to normal but after a while, the problem comes back. Can somebody please help me out here? I m really worried!!!


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I would start by scanning for malware with programs such as Malware Bytes and Spybot, also when it begins to act up look at task manager for any processes with heavy utilization of CPU, memory and HDD.


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My 5 cents:
1.Scroll down All Apps to the "Windows Administrative Tools" , Open the "Defragment and Optimise drives". Turn OFF the process.. In its early stages, it could be very active and using your resources.
2. It could be the index service consolidating the disk base. This should ease up over use.
3. Check, if you have a third party antivirus program, that it is configured correctly and is not overdoing its function. Some can be customised to make complete scans at very frequent intervals.
4. Have a look in settings - Update and security, and see if there are any large updates being downloaded/installed.
5. Open the taskmanager - Startup, tab. See if there are any programs which are running resident, which you could possibly turn off.
I think I may have fixed it. The problem appears to have gone. The laptop since 10:25 p.m. has been working very fine. Don't consider this solved yet. Will let you know later. Thanks for the ideas, though. Good night, everyone
The problem's gone. Apparently the update I gave my computer last night fixed it. So consider this problem SOLVED. Again, thanks for the suggestions. Good night, everybody.