1. 15meli

    Bad system confif info on windows 10

    I need urgent assistance. a few weeks ago I woke up one morning-as any other day, and turned on my pc. I was then met with a blue screen reading "error code: bad system config info". I looked up a mother load of videos for help, tried everything (using the system restore tool, multiple different...
  2. lugstory

    Windows 10 Help with Booting into Windows

    Hello, I am a windows 10 user and about a year ago i have upgraded my 1 TB hard drive to an SSD, I have used a tool for that and it worked perfectly fine. The problem is that today, when I had both the SSD and the hard drive active in my system, I tried booting into the hard drive and it just...
  3. K

    Windows 10 Critical Process Died - BSOD

    Hello forum. I'm having a blue screen called "CRITICAL PROCESS DIED". My cat somehow crashed my PC it froze and I restarted it. Then it started giving this screen. It restarted itself afterwards and was unable to diagnose the problem. I can't repair boot, "sfc /scannow" and "chkdsk" commands...
  4. NikitaHeyland

    Windows 10 Fonts not installing properly.

    Hi, when I install a font, it installs lets say 'semi bold', 'thin', and 'regular' all as 'regular' in the font setting. Therfore when I try and use it in adobe XD, it thinks all of these fonts are the same because for some reason the system decided to call them all 'regular'. I copy all of...
  5. S

    Windows 10 Problem - Please Help

    Might be a dumb question, but i cannot find an answer for it. My issue is a software page not being able to move by clicking the top of it and dragging it like every other page does, the only way i can move it is by pressing it (windows key+shift+arrow keys) to my second monitor, i cannot freely...
  6. Endgiver101

    Windows 8 Booting Error Message

    I’ve been having trouble with my computer. Half of the screen is broken, so I usually use a monitor. The problem is when I try to turn it on it turns on as normal, but in the middle of the process, it stops and displays an error message. I cannot transcribe the message completely due to the half...
  7. Bovata

    Windows 10 Need to login to my windows account every time I boot. (desktop)

    I need to sign into windows every time I boot, How do I use a password again?
  8. Ashwin Tyagi

    Windows 7 Bignox virtual support

    The whole story in short is, I been trying for days to install a 64 bit android emulator in windows 10 64 bit 8gb ram core 2 quad q9400, gt710. It's not successful, as it's stuck at 99%, while if I install 32 bit android emulator it's working. So I dual booted with windows 7 and tried 64 bit...
  9. Svenn12

    Windows 10 Please Help me i'm in trouble

    Please Help me : i decided to install new windows 10 system in my Lenovo g50-70 laptop .(i was on windows 8.1) but i've faced a problem during installation of win 10 ,so before i format my C directory File, i've moved my important files to D and E and during installation i've deleted my Old C...
  10. RUDY03

    Windows 10 Start Menu not opening, Explorer refreshes whenever folders are opened and said folders close immediately. URGENT help needed.

    Genuine Windows 10, came with Asus Zenbook. Since yesterday, I can't save anything, as the "save" browser box doesn't open. As soon as I open any folders, explorer refreshes and said folder is closed instantly. Also, the Start Menu doesn't open. Tried running MalwareBytes once, got a BSOD...
  11. Shmuel

    Windows 7 Changed key in regedit (exe file) help plz

    Hi , I changed in the regedity editor the exe file key , and now i cant open any exe file , even the regedit i cant open or cmd too , I tried anything (also reset to an early saving of the pc i cant) I dont know what to do please help , ill be glad if someone will find the solution. Also i...
  12. Artificial Asian

    Windows 10 Program named Uninstall?

    I recently was uninstalling a program but when i searched uninstall in the start menu a program showed up named Uninstall with no options other than to run. The thumbnail is a red X and i cant find any info on what it is or if i can get rid of it or whatever
  13. syskuznet

    Windows 10 Messed up desktop location.

    So i was trying to move my desktop location and i think i switched around my user folder with the desktop folder and whenever i try to restore the locations back to default it says 'cant redirect a parent into a child. the specified path is invalid'
  14. H

    Windows 10 Network Settings "Unexpected error" while changing DNS

    Hi all. I was going on about my day and I decided that I wanted to change my DNS to cloudflares DNS. While changing i got error pop up stating "an unexpected error occurred. Not all of your requested changes in settings could be made." I quickly looked up how to solve this and one thread stated...
  15. Rokador

    Windows 10 Apps not detected after windows reinstall.

    Hello! Recently I tried to fix my system with software, but instead it screwed my entire PC over and I had to install fresh Windows 10. After reinstallation, all my apps from both discs are not detected, including Steam, Geforce Experience or even Chrome. All apps do exist but wont run for some...
  16. I

    Help Some text showing as squares!!!!!!

    Ok so a month ago I changed to comic sans ms for fun but it had a problem with Hebrew so I changed back to Segoe UI and now I have a problem of some text showing as squares like: the time play button in Groove music checkbox and some other stuff I tried the control panel thing it didn't help...
  17. Canine8 YT

    Windows 10 App store errors / corruption issues

    this is the second time me posting this PLZ HELP ya this happens with every app that i download from the app store... even cortana does this so i need real help happened after i reset my pc (yes i tried resetting it agian didnt work) tried clearing cache tryed uninstalling and reinstalling...
  18. A

    Windows error sound effect is on repeat. Windows 10

    The windows 10 error is on repeat non stop and it is driving me crazy. I think it was when I attempted to paste something on word which didn't work and then the sound effect began and hasn't stopped since. Every now and then I get a small windows error window which appears but it goes away to...
  19. WWESuperstArjun

    Windows 10 Windows 10 freezing when left idle

    Whenever I leave my PC for around 5-10m, I always return to it being frozen. I'm able to move the cursor but no app or window is responsive and AltCtrlDel doesn't work. When in continuous use, it never faces any problems. I've gamed for hours together with no issues only for my computer to...
  20. Sinamuna

    Windows 7 Windows has encountered a critical problem + other issues

    Since I'm not getting help on BleepingComputer, I'm trying this forum instead... SPECS: Windows 7 2009 Home Premium 32bit ASUS Essentio desktop PC 1TB HD (replaced the old one a few years ago) SPECCY SCREENSHOT I don't know how long it's been going on for now, but I've been dealing with this...
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