1. S

    How to add many any programs to the list of installed programs

    I've made a PowerShell command which takes all the shortcuts in the folder you direct it to, and it makes registry keys for them so that they show up as installed apps. They get an appropriate icon and name. You can uninstall it to, HOWEVER uninstalling it simply removes the registry key so...
  2. Jerrryemy

    Windows 10 Automatically logging onto an unloadable kiosk account without being able to log onto the admin account

    I curiously made an assigned access kiosk account with Edge as its app. After I logged out and tried logging onto the kiosk account, it said that the user profile service (and in other tries it said ProfSvc) failed and I cannot use the account at all. After I logged out, I saw that my admin...
  3. R

    Impossible to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2022 Redistributable (x64)

    Windows makes it is impossible for me to install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable x64 package. (my system is Windows 10 x64) A simple search reveals that many Windows users have this issua and it's become a notorious problem. What I've done so far: In Control Panel I uninstalled all...
  4. force055

    webroot troyan SETUPBDS.EXE

    My virus application (webroot ) gitriggers a warning regarding a potential troyan on a file named: SETUPBDS.EXE is anyone familliar with this file? i can find SETUPBD.exe and SETUPPBD.EXE online, but nothing about SETUPBDS.EXE Thnx in advance. -Kevin
  5. V

    Windows 10 Upgrade Windows 7 on SSD NVMe to Windows 10 on SSD NVMe

    I've been searching the web for this answer but I cannot find any. It's either they tell you how to upgrade from Windows 7 on regular HDD to Windows 10 on regular HDD or how they migrate from Windows 10 on HDD to Windows 10 on SSD NVME. So right now I'm still using Windows 7 Ultimate Edition. I...
  6. B

    File Server for Windows

    Looking to setup a file server/file share on my LAN. I have a Windows 10 machine that i can use as my server, and it is NOT a possibility for me to install another OS, so no Linux etc. I have tried various file share methods: I don't want to use windows inbuilt SMB file share system as its a...
  7. Sanath Kumar

    Windows 10 Remove-PhysicalDisk for disk which is marked retired fails

    Below error is seen sometimes when I try to remove a disk from storagepool. Remove-PhysicalDisk : One or more physical disks could not be removed because they are still in use. Extended information: The storage pool could not relocate data from one or more physical disks. Physical Disks...
  8. K

    Windows 10 Windows Boot Error in Virtualbox

    My virtual machine is not booting anymore. I add an screenshot with the error code.
  9. Fluffyhoovy

    Windows 10 Steam games using unreal engine 4 or MT framework crash on startup after windows update

    Only games using these engines are crashing, I've tried reinstalling the games, verifying cache, reinstalling steam, nothing I could find works. The only thing that did work for a short while was resetting windows, the games launched, then I restarted my pc and they started crashing on startup...
  10. K

    Windows 10 Windows Update Error 0x800f0922

    Hello guys, I'm facing some issues with 2 Citrix servers cannot get the latest Cumulative Updates. They get installed until 99% and then roll back with the error "Windows couldn't install updates undoing changes" and reboots. Checked the build number afterwards and both have the 2019-02 CU...
  11. kiransam

    Windows 10 How to Download the tools for Data Analytics Course in Windows without error?

    I'm a B.Tech student from CSE domain and I'm very interest in learning the data analytics course and I recently completed learning R and going to start learning tableau but in my windows 10 PC the tableau is installed but,it showing the error called the system environment path is no...
  12. Luka5567

    Windows 10 Getting bluescreens after new SSD and RAM

    A tech support guy installed and bought an SSD and RAM for me after previously having build my pc and it working for 2 years, now with the new parts installed im getting Bluescreens. The first one happened while playing a game and said unexpected store exception, the 2nd one happened while doing...
  13. Chrispy

    Windows 10 Windows Boot Manager

    I'm running Windows 10 Home with all updates on my Dell XPS 13 9380 I'm trying to upgrade my SSD to accommodate large astrophotography files, from 512GB to 1TB. I have tried both AOMEI Backupper and EaseUS to clone the NVMe drive, with the same result. I cannot get the new SSD to boot, and...
  14. pratibha91

    Windows 10 How do I clean junk off my computer?

    Hello Everyone, Should I download any third-party software or use disk cleanup in windows that will help to get rid of this? Every thought will be appreciated!! Thanks in Advance
  15. T

    Windows 10 What is the best Windows version that faster than Windows 10?

    I want to install new Windows because Windows 10 always takes hundreds of RAM sizes. And Windows 10 Light and Dark themes are ugly. I need better for my laptop.
  16. J

    Shared printer broadcasting

    I personally do not like Apple products and do not use them. However, I recently had to connect 2 apple devices that belong to household member to the a printer that is shared on a Microsoft device. I found the feature to be quite advanced and wondering if it available for WIndows devices... I...
  17. Rose Flower

    Windows 10 My computer randomly keeps restarting!

    My computer randomly keeps restarting! I have replaced the power supply. I booted into Safe Mode it does the same thing. Also, I tried to do a system scan but my computer restarts before it can finish! Does anyone know any fixes please?
  18. saschaluescher

    Audio on a remote Windows Server?

    Hello :) I have a Windows Server 2019 without direct access, so i can only control it remotely. The Server doesn't has a sound card or anything to make sounds, but i need to have audio on this server in order to have music in my live stream which i outsourced on this particular server. So i...
  19. B

    Windows 10 Help playing Windows 95/98 games in Windows 10

    Hello there, I am trying to install several Windows 95/98 games onto a new Windows 10 computer. I have gone to dozens of websites, and followed their instructions, but it still does not work. I get the same error for all of them. It says “This app can’t run on your PC" I have already tested...
  20. A

    Windows 10 Windows 10 resets file association after restart

    Every time I reset my Windows, the file association for web, pdf, txt, music, email, etc is reset. I have tried using some applications and hacks specified in How do I stop Windows 10 from Resetting default file associations? to prevent Windows 10 from doing this, but they were not helpful...
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