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Aug 28, 2021
Looking to setup a file server/file share on my LAN. I have a Windows 10 machine that i can use as my server, and it is NOT a possibility for me to install another OS, so no Linux etc.

I have tried various file share methods: I don't want to use windows inbuilt SMB file share system as its a bit clunky how it works, so then i tried FTP, with some FTP server software. This was great, i could make users with specific permissions and specific home directories etc, however the fact that i can't edit/view a file on the FTP server from another machine without first downloading it meant that FTP isn't for me here. (If anyone knows a fix to aforementioned issue it is welcome)

So, i guess i am happy to use the SMB protocol, i am just looking for a piece of software: An SMB file server software that i can run on windows 10 with similar functionality to FTP servers such as Filezilla etc, just obviously running over the SMB protocol, so i can edit files on the SMB drive, Map to it, etc. Something similar to Samba (For Linux), just for Windows...

If that makes no sense i will provide more info.
Samba is the only one I know that supports SMB save for Microsoft OSes. SMB is really the most functional in a business network with active directory. Without it you're going to have to create a local user per person and set up access that way. You can look at your router manual as you may be able to attach an external drive and configure it to act as a file server
Firstly, you say "Samba is the only one I know that supports SMB save for Microsoft OSes". I guess that you mean unless you're on a MS OS, Samba is the only thing that supports SMB, although i may have misinterpreted your answer.
While this is right, what i am looking for is a piece of software that i can run ON A W10 HOST, with similar functionality to Samba. I know Windows has built in file sharing, however its not very functional. (SMB as a protocol is fine, just the actual file share system within Windows isn't great)

Secondly, my router can support SMB sharing with an external drive, however as of now this only supports older versions of SMB. (Silly since it's a new router)

Thanks for the reply though
The only option is a Windows server OS. Because Windows already is it's own file server there isn't much in the way of software that runs on Windows. All of your options are there own OS and software
OK, i understand, thank you for the clarification.

So is the best way to set it up to create a user on the Windows 10 server for each person that i want to give a SMB folder to, and then share a folder on the "Main" user, and "Give Access To" the various users?
So will that end up with Say, User1 being able to access only their folder, not all folders on the main user?

Of course if anyone else has any suggestions they would also be appreciated...

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