Windows 10 Windows Update Error 0x800f0922


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Hello guys,

I'm facing some issues with 2 Citrix servers cannot get the latest Cumulative Updates. They get installed until 99% and then roll back with the error "Windows couldn't install updates undoing changes" and reboots. Checked the build number afterwards and both have the 2019-02 CU installed.

  • Checked EventViewer and the error message seems to be 0x800f0922.
  • Checked services and App Readiness, Windows Update and Update Orchestrator were started and set on automatic
  • Made sure that .Net Framework is installed, checked System Partition and both had 31% Free Disk Space (~150-160mb)
  • Tried to install 2019-03 CU manually and got the same results
  • Both have 20 GB Free Disk Space on C:\
  • Windows Update agent was reset
  • DISM Repair and sfc run was used -> No corruption found
  • Performance counters were reset
  • SoftwareDistribution and catroot2 folders were renamed
  • Ran Windows Updater Troubleshooter

Not sure if I'm allowed to post any links or if you have any suggestions on how to upload the logs, I'm open to suggestions 😀

The WindowsUpdate logs are here : WindowsUpdate.log

I'm literally out of ideas other than reinstalling the imaging which will upset the customer(backups, restores, reconfigure etc.)

Thank you in advance!