1. 15meli

    Bad system confif info on windows 10

    I need urgent assistance. a few weeks ago I woke up one morning-as any other day, and turned on my pc. I was then met with a blue screen reading "error code: bad system config info". I looked up a mother load of videos for help, tried everything (using the system restore tool, multiple different...
  2. V

    Windows 10 Choose Keyboard Layout; stuck

    I'll present first the issue, then the back story and some of my findings. The issue is that I recently upgraded to Windows 10, for many reasons I wanted a fresh start with my PC and wanted to factory reset it. To do this I used the software which came with Windows 10. The problem being, the...
  3. P

    Windows 10 Cant even reset computer

    Hi, a couple of days ago my Dell Desktop computer stopped working correctly. The windows button and Microsoft Edge wouldn't load. Nothing I left clicked on opened, some right clicks worked / opened stuff. I backed up everything to an external hard drive. I then went and tried to see what is...
  4. rickvanbaalen

    Windows 10 Ethernet Connection Issues

    Hello, I'm having some issues with my Ethernet Connection. The adapter is called: Realtek PCIe GBE Family-Controller, and the laptop is a Lenovo G50. My Wi-Fi works fine, but ethernet isnt working. I already tried to reinstall windows and reinstall the original windows and settings from when i...
  5. marq020

    Windows 10 Can't update from 7 to 10

    So I decided that I want to take advantage of the free update, so today I tried to do it. From windows update I clicked on "Restart now" (Win10 is already downloaded) but it just reboots back to windows 7. After a couple attempts I figured this isn't working. So I remembered that there are some...
  6. D

    Windows 10 Duel Screen Issues

    I recently updated to 10 and it didn't work for a while so I followed some YouTube tutorials. After a bit, I finally got to see my stuff again! Then the last step was using the "Windows button + P" thing to fix the duel screen issue (computer thinks it has 2 screens so it goes duel screen.) To...
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