1. cecov74

    Windows Server 2022 Crash after Update

    Hi, I have a problem, I have a windows 2022 clean install and is all ok, but if I do a windows update after 4/5/6 hour crash... I don't know why.. I have activate the dump memory e and not restart but nothing... I have update all driver... the evet view report only 6008 error I have do a...
  2. L

    Windows 10 Update for Microsoft Defender antimalware platform

    Hello, i`ve got a new notebook. the normal daily defender updates are found automatically, but the Update für Microsoft Defender Antimaleware Platform will not be found. in any case, there was this update for my two other pcs today but not for the new one. Could it be that the updates go out on...
  3. ari2004

    Windows 11 Windows 11 : Windows Update not working

    Please guys can u help me.....?
  4. jack8955

    Windows 11 How we can instal windows 11

    HEllo We love the intro of windows 11, and we can not wait to install right away in our LBC tracking system Send us iso file.
  5. K

    Windows 10 Windows Update Error 0x800f0922

    Hello guys, I'm facing some issues with 2 Citrix servers cannot get the latest Cumulative Updates. They get installed until 99% and then roll back with the error "Windows couldn't install updates undoing changes" and reboots. Checked the build number afterwards and both have the 2019-02 CU...
  6. nchevy66

    Windows 10 Windows Update outside of Active Hours

    I like the feature that Windows automatically updates outside of my active hours, but there is a giant flaw. I often get awaken around 3:30am because my monitor is on. This is because after the Windows update, the computer does not go to sleep. Instead it lights up my whole room and I loose...
  7. W

    Windows 10 Errors after regular Windows update

    After I let my computer go through the automatic regular Windows update a few weeks ago, a few things became so strange with my computer. First, if I click the windows button, then it only shows “Shut down” and “Restart”. Before my computer did the regular Windows update, it showed “Sleep”. Of...
  8. T

    Windows 10 Windows 10 will not boot, boots into "Preparing Automatic Repair"

    I just did an update in Windows 10 and I was able to boot back into Windows but since I shut my computer down I cannot boot back into Windows and instead it will boot into "Preparing Automatic Repair". In the automatic repair I did try rolling back the update and even reset my PC but it will not...
  9. K

    Windows 10 Desktop and tabs completely changed?

    I noticed this after updating my system sometime in May, and I've been desperately trying to search for someone else with similar issues or any information whatsoever in the coverage of the contents of the updates, but I've had no luck so far, and I'm beginning to question my own sanity. 1) I...
  10. zackguetta

    Windows 10 How hard is it for Windows not to update itself without my permission?

    This should go without saying: I DON'T WANT THE OPERATING SYSTEM TO UPDATE IF I DON'T EXPLICITLY SAY THAT IT CAN. I am absolutely mad. I was training my machine learning models for a few hours and I got a message if I wanted to update the windows. I clicked postpone (or something similar) and...
  11. Torwuuw


    I just purchased a new I buy power pc with windows 10 already installed. I downloaded discord and went to talk through the headset I just bought which is an A10 ASTRO legend of Zelda breath of the wild edition headset. The mic wasn’t working but I could hear my friend just fine. I went through...
  12. K

    Windows Vista How to prevent Windows from restarting after Updates Installation?

    My Windows Vista o.s. downloaded and installed some "important" updates. Now it's asking me to restart the system (it will be done automatically in 1 day). But I don't want and I can't stop one process (that is really "important") running just now... How can I prevent Windows from restarting in...
  13. D

    Windows 10 Major errors after update

    Ok so yesterday Windows forced an update on me, which seemed normal. It took an awful long time to update as usual but finally it was done. Important to know is that I use a touchscreen laptop, not a pc. After my pc restarted I noticed something weird, my keyboard stopped working, but that...
  14. S

    Windows 7 SOLVED: Windows update failing and Display/Graphics driver faulty/partially installed.

    SOLVED Problem(s): Windows Update Failing to install updates (Error Code 641) & AMD Display Driver's "Partially Installed". Solution(s): Enable Windows Installer service manually. Windows 7 steps: Press the Windows key. > Type services.msc and press enter. > Navigate to Windows Installer down...
  15. Eldiablo696

    Windows 10 Windows 10 update version 1803 not stopping its download.

    Check the attached image. Its been almost 1 hour since the update download reached 100% and its not stopping. It already consumed double the data that is required for completing the update.
  16. BlockBlazerMC

    Windows 10 My PC is soft-locked into startup because of Windows Update

    My PC has been having some issues lately. It can't even update itself properly. Every time it tries, It fails and attempts to restore my previous version of windows. I tried to disable it myself, but It still somehow got an update through. This update basically screwed my PC because after it...
  17. Nebojsa

    Windows XP XP Pro KB954920 32bit kinda urgent

    Please if someone has or knows how and where to find KB954920 that is not included in XP SP3, I would appreciate so much if you are to post a link or upload to dropbox... This is the original page for that KB article, but it's not available for download anymore since they've cut support on XP...
  18. J

    Windows 10 Windows Cumulative update fails to install

    Specs: 8GB RAM RX 480 i5-7500 Windows 10 Home (Currently running on version KB2565063 - the last update which correctly installed) Running Windows Firewall and Malwarebytes as Anti Virus software - as far as I know the system is on the correct time (GMT +1 or BST) The latest update...
  19. C

    Windows 10 Taskbar and Start Menu Broken After Windows Update Today

    After putting off the big update pushed by Microsoft (is it called "Creator's update"?) for a couple days, I finally relented today and did it. It took quite a while, but when it came up, I desperately wished I'd NOT done it. First, my taskbar lost most of the items I'd customized to it. I...

    Windows 7 Windows Updates

    After I reformat my computer from Windows Vista Business to Windows 7 SPK 1 64 bit checking for updates take me long & never get the updates, what I can do? please HELP!!!