Windows 10 Desktop and tabs completely changed?


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I noticed this after updating my system sometime in May, and I've been desperately trying to search for someone else with similar issues or any information whatsoever in the coverage of the contents of the updates, but I've had no luck so far, and I'm beginning to question my own sanity.

1) I used to be able to drag my Chrome tabs around freely, but now they only slide on a strict, horizontal line when I'm rearranging them for multitasking. I can't drag tabs from one window of Chrome tabs to another, either. 2) When I hit Task View, it doesn't give me the option to add desktops anymore. 3) The "peek at Desktop" button is completely missing—in fact, I can't seem to reach my desktop at all; when I minimize all my tabs, I just reach the new, spread-out Windows menu. I've checked the Taskbar setting ("Use Peek to preview... etc." is definitely on), I've even gone into the Visual Effects settings ("Enable Peek" is also checkboxed). I have no idea why it's not there.

What mystifies me the most is that I have another computer also running Windows 10, also updated sometime in May. But unlike this one, none of these changes exist. Pretty much nothing has changed, with regards to the user interface and desktop and whatnot.

Preferably, I'd like to be able to revert these settings to what they were previously (without resetting my entire computer—otherwise I can learn to live with it), particular the tabs thing. But mostly I just want to know what happened?? I'm sure I'm missing something crucial, and it's probably going to be something incredibly obvious, but I can't for the life of me formulate a proper google search to find out, apparently.

Additional info I think might be relevant: my last update according the update history is the 2019-05 Update for Windows 10 Version 1803.
Correct none of your issues are operating system changes. it's more likely it's due to some corruption in the operating system or potentially malware.

A couple of commands to run to fix operating system issues. You'll want to run them from an elevated command prompt (Start > type cmd > right click 'Command Prompt' and select 'Run As Administrator')
  • sfc /scannow
  • chkdsk C: /R
For Chrome I'd also try simply reinstalling it.
For the first, I got "Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violation" and after restarting for the second, the same oddities still persist.

It's also not just my Chrome windows which do the cha cha slide; all my program windows now do the same thing, whenever I try to use multitasking.