version 1803

  1. K

    Windows 10 Desktop and tabs completely changed?

    I noticed this after updating my system sometime in May, and I've been desperately trying to search for someone else with similar issues or any information whatsoever in the coverage of the contents of the updates, but I've had no luck so far, and I'm beginning to question my own sanity. 1) I...
  2. doctrout

    Windows 10 Is there a way to disable auto arrange in Windows 10 Home version 1803

    My computer recently forced me to update to the new version of Windows 10 Home (version 1803) and now, it will not allow me to disable the auto arrange feature even though I have downloaded a .bat file that is supposed to so so! However, I have over 3,000 documents stored on my computer which I...
  3. Eldiablo696

    Windows 10 Windows 10 update version 1803 not stopping its download.

    Check the attached image. Its been almost 1 hour since the update download reached 100% and its not stopping. It already consumed double the data that is required for completing the update.