1. suresh p

    Windows 7 launched new software for windows users - Genie

    Genie is a rule-based bot built in python. It's a helpful desktop application for everyone who wants to do simple things quickly like download a file, minify, etc.,
  2. gerryT

    Windows 10 What Does this green checkmark on my desktop applications mean?

    I have theses green checkmarks on all the applications on my desktop and idk why. Has anyone seen this before?
  3. Soupertrooper64

    Windows 10 Desktop icons elongated and too big

    I have no clue what i did but now all my desktop icons are all huge and I have tried switching my resolution from 3840 x 2160 (native resolution) to 1920x1080 and back because it was suggested, I have tried messing with (ctrl + scroll wheel) to try and change the size, and I have also messed...
  4. K

    Windows 10 Desktop and tabs completely changed?

    I noticed this after updating my system sometime in May, and I've been desperately trying to search for someone else with similar issues or any information whatsoever in the coverage of the contents of the updates, but I've had no luck so far, and I'm beginning to question my own sanity. 1) I...
  5. S

    Windows 10 Microphone not working

    I apologize if this thread is long, but I am going to give as much information as possible. My PC is an Acer Aspire TC-780, and my current headphones are Turtle Beach Recon 150 Over-Ear Gaming Headset (which have a detachable mouthpiece as the microphone). My issue is that no matter what...
  6. R

    Windows 10 The "This PC" icon disappeared, and I know how to fix it, by why did it?

    Spontaneously the "This PC" icon on my desktop (Windows 10), disappeared. I know how to fix it, and I did, but my question is why does that happen? I haven't done anything unusual lately. So I'm worried it's either the hard drive beginning to fail or a virus. What are some possible reasons...
  7. ussnorway

    Windows 10 How to remove Homegroup icon from desktop

    backgroup = I let Tabby install her Sims game and the EA spyware tried to scan my homegroup as part of its install... results in a homegroup icon being placed on the desktop steps to get rid of this icon; right click a blank bit of desktop and select "Personalise" goto themes and look for...
  8. C

    Adding animations on desktop (not bg)

    I would like to know if there is a way to make images/animations/videos show up on screen, overlapping windows. Basically, what iStripper does (but customizable and less nudity lol). Not a background, not a window, just the image. I found this furrysoft: DeskFun but apparently there is only a...
  9. Cardinal System

    Windows 7 TEMP Desktop?

    I logged on to my computer this morning, but all my files were gone and a new user was added to the "C:/Users" directory called "TEMP". I logged off then logged back on, and everything was back to normal. How did this happen, and how can I prevent it in the future?
  10. Fade

    Windows 10 How can I get my windows dekstop folder fixed?

    Usually when i have icons laying on my desktop i would access them through file explorer by clicking on the desktop on side bar, but when i go inside i see many icons but i don't see all the icons that laid out on my desktop. When i add new icons i usually see them but i don't all the time as...
  11. E

    Windows 10 Windows 10 uses only 75% or 3/4 RAM

    My PC has 4.00 GB RAM installed and since I am using windows 10, I have noticed in the Performance tab of Task Manager, that the allocated Memory is not more than 3.0 GB out of 4.0 GB. Why windows 10 restricts? It doesn't use 1 GB available for it and I must use this 1 GB. Most of the times (or...
  12. E

    Windows 10 Holding down Backspace erasing typed text too slow

    How long should the computer wait before accepting subsequent repeated keystrokes? is set to 0.3 seconds and this is the minimum value, but holding down Backspace still erasing typed text too slow. Changing the value above 0.3 seconds (2.0 seconds is the maximum) makes held down Backspace...
  13. LordChristoff

    Windows 10 Small problem

    Hello people first post here, nice to meet you all. Anywho I have been contacting a relative of mine who I recently persuaded to upgrade to Windows 10 and he seems to like it, but he has a slight issue. Upon trying to access his personal files/user files, he continues to get a warning message...
  14. H

    Windows 8 Where are my files?

    If I put a file (picture, song, video, etc), on my Desktop where shortcuts would usually go, where is the file actually stored? Is it stored in the Desktop file? Or is there another place it actually resides? I'm going through a file recovery problem, a want to know where to have my program...
  15. B

    Windows 10 Shortcut for Jumping from Desktop 1 to 2 etc.?

    Hey Guys, I love the new feature of using virtual desktops in Windows 10. I am currently using the shortcut Win + Ctrl + Arrows to navigate from one desktop to another. Do you know if there is a shorter way to get from desktop 1 to 5 without having to jump over desktops 2,3,4? I used to have...
  16. Chakor Channing

    Windows 7 New Image File Loading Preview(?)

    Just today I noticed that the preview for images in my libraries (png, jpg, gif, etc files) is different from what it was before. When images were taking a while to load, the preview would be a framed image of mountain and sun or something like that, but now this is what I see: I thought that...
  17. L

    Windows 10 Windows 10 Alt-Tabbing to desktop?

    In Windows 8 you could do it, and I know you can use Windows + D, but that doesn't work in games, specifically Far Cry 4 in my case. So every time I want to leave the game without quitting it I need to make it windowed and do whatever it is I want to do then make it fullscreen again. Even in...
  18. R

    Windows 10 Display Problems only after WOL from hibernation

    First Post so hope done properly After Windows 10 upgrade I started experiencing a problem with the Desktop that only occurs after a Wake On Lan wakes the PC from hibernation overnight (do not know if occurs with sleep) . It does not occur if I manually wake the pc from hibernation (ie power...
  19. NightEagle

    Dell Dimension 1100 Help

    I have had this computer for a long time, a Dell Dimension 1100, which was used as a basic browsing computer when I was younger. About 4.5 years ago, I took it apart so I could use it for parts. Now, I want to rebuild it into a better computer then it was back in 2006. Sadly, when I went to put...
  20. A

    Windows 10 I can't place the icons on the bottom row of the desktop!

    When I first installed Windows 10 everything was normal, until some moment when I just saw how my icons aren't on the bottom row. And I tried to move it but it didn't work. So I need help, how do I fix that? NOTE: Please don't tell me that one stupid method in which I need to right click on...