Windows 10 Getting bluescreens after new SSD and RAM


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Oct 21, 2020
A tech support guy installed and bought an SSD and RAM for me after previously having build my pc and it working for 2 years, now with the new parts installed im getting Bluescreens. The first one happened while playing a game and said unexpected store exception, the 2nd one happened while doing Nothing and I missed it, the third one happened Right after and mentioned dpc watchdog Violation and the last one was critical process died and now I had to boot with the last drive I have in my load order, I'm not quite sure why that one works.

Attached are the minidump of the blue screens, I tried using a usb stick that I turned into a bootable drive but it says that a Problem occured when trying to restore my pc. Can anyone help me? I'm very unfamiliar with tech and pc stuff so may not be able to understand everything too well.


  • 102120-6531-01.dmp
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  • 102120-7968-01.dmp
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  • 102120-21437-01.dmp
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two of your dump files blamed kaspersky Anti virus suite.

Try reinstalling the app or if the issues continue remove altogether.
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