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  • Hi, Mike...As you suggested I'm using Autoruns...it displays all the entry loaded and running, but,I'm either not seeing or understanding where or if it is showing errors ? In a nut shell what all can I "do" with autoruns? (please reply to [email protected]'m having issue with this site....thanks James
    Hi Mike, I intend to post alot of questions on Windows Seven Help and Support, in the past your replys were very helpful, could you keep an eye out for may questions.
    Hi Mike, Just with reference to the upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 does 8.1 retain all of the installed applications (Office, Visual Studio, Adobe suite etc.?) Did you manage to keep all of your applications intact? Was the main problem you had with some of the device drivers?

    Kind regards
    Lesley Gousmett
    New Zealand
    it seems ypu reply at my thread regarding the UAC icon overlay. Howveer I cannot see any reply at my thread.

    Nope those commends didnt help
    Hey just wanted to say thanks for posting a reply to my topic about "Internet Access on all user account then one" or something like that. I was really busy when I posted that message and got disgusted when I didn't get a reply as soon as I would've liked to and went somewhere else. I never really got that problem totally solved. Anyways, I'll probably post a topic about it called "Computer Shuts Down Every Time I Watch a YouTube Video". I'd appreciate your input on the matter. Thanks :)
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