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graphics card

  1. jihnmelton14es

    Windows 10 Which is the best graphic card for windows 10

    There are lots of different graphic cards are available in markets but we dont know which on is best for windows 10. Because for enjoy gaming on pc players always want high graphics. I am also gamer and i am also looking best graphic card. So if anyone expert available share thier experience.
  2. 2

    Windows 10 How can I get my PC to output in 32bit 10bpc (my monitor and graphics card both support it).

    I have a ViewSonic VP2770-LCD monitor and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 graphics card connected via DisplayPort. It is capable of displaying 32bit 10bpc color but on all of the test images, I have used it is not doing so. I have a digital camera that can make use of this and I want to.
  3. JeronStevens

    Windows 10 Monitor troubles

    Hello, I recently got a new monitor. Before i was using two monitors as extended desktop, i was able to replace my main monitor with my new one, and all worked well. Upon restarting my computer, only my new main monitor works, and the restitution changes to the minimum, my secondary monitor...
  4. F

    Windows 10 Windows explorer is crashing over and over

    Whenever I try to open windows explorer, after about 5 seconds the window freezes up and so does the taskbar, until I restart windows explorer in task manager. This happens every time I open it and now I can't use windows explorer. Also, I think this happened on a day when I took apart my...
  5. S

    Windows 10 Memory Management BSOD Windows 10 (Crash data included) Please help, I've tried everything I can th

    Hey guys. I've been back and forth with this BSOD issue for about a year now and I'm about to lose my mind. It's a problem that's followed me since windows 8. Now some background information. Brought my computer in for repairs. Figured out one of my graphics cards was overheating. Placed a new...
  6. F

    Windows 10 SERIOUS issue with 4k over HDMI in Windows 10

    It seems that Microsoft can't just release an OS that works properly without some sort of tweaking to make it even remotely usable for any sort of advanced application. I switched over to Windows 10 Enterprise through a clean install I did last night and I've regretted it ever since. I have a...
  7. joseph mendes

    Windows 10 Was incompatable, now I am (

    I had a very old graphics card in my computer, and windows 10 couldn't install because of it. I took the card out and uninstalled the drivers. That was the only reason i couldn't upgrade. But when i click on the windows 10 tab, it still says " Compatibility Issue" (Radeon 9250)