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Jun 7, 2014
It seems that Microsoft can't just release an OS that works properly without some sort of tweaking to make it even remotely usable for any sort of advanced application. I switched over to Windows 10 Enterprise through a clean install I did last night and I've regretted it ever since.

I have a 60-inch Vizio 4k TV that has HDMI 2.0, so it can natively support 60hz at 4k resolutions, and 1080p at 120hz. I have updated my video and chipset/motherboard drivers and reinstalled them countless times, flashed the BIOS, updated all computer drivers, and have all Windows Updates installed. I NEVER had problems in Windows 8.1, just the pile garbage they call Windows 10. I am using an HDMI 2.0 cable. Not to mention I can't even restart the computer without changing the polling rate on my Corsair K70 RGB keyboard, which was an issue that was fixed long ago with Windows 8.1.

Even after adjusting settings countless times and even disabling Microsoft startup services that seem to be the culprits, I still can't even function with anything OS side. What happens is when I go up to 4k at 60hz, it will not allow me to use the RGB color spectrum, the option doesn't even appear in the Nvidia control panel anymore. I never had this issue with Windows 8.1. Because of this, somehow the computer is struggling to display anything in the OS with serious cursor lag and screen flickering in EVERY OS WINDOW. Applications seem to perform fine, however, and I've confirmed that I'm set to be running at 60hz, but it doesn't even perform close. I have tried everything, even custom scaling and resolutions, and the only success I've had is getting full RGB in 1080p at 120hz with making a custom resolution, but it doesn't work for 4k.

Can someone offer any advice? I'm incredibly frustrated right now, and I really need this working asap for my job, and the internet doesn't seem to have any solutions currently.

Here are my basic computer specs:

Intel 4790k
MSI GTX 980ti
Asus Maximus Hero VII Motherboard
32GB TridentX RAM
1300W EVGA Supernova PSU
Thermaltake Level 10 GT Snow-edition Case
Creative ZXR Sound Card
Nvidia released a new driver only the other day have you tried that version? (although to be honest I'm not sure any 'fixes' were included in this release just support for a new game.)
I tried doing a search for anything related and noticed something on Reddit about disabling DPI scaling can help with 4K displays and windows although to be honest I have no idea if this would help you or not.

Regarding the K70 checking the support site there is a firmware update available which may or may not help?
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