1. R

    Windows 10 Second monitor

    Hello. So when I connect only my TV as intended 1. monitor, everything is fine. As soon as I connect a 2. monitor (actual PC monitor), windows detects the 2. one as monitor number 1, even when I set the actual first one as my main monitor. I have no idea how to fix that and my patience with...
  2. M

    Windows 8 Screen saver turns off exactly after "Turn off the display" time

    Hello, I have freshly installed Windows 8.1 on Lenovo Thinkpad T530. When I set the screen saver to turn on after 1 minute and in Power settings I set "Turn off the display" (whether plugged or on the battery) for example 2, 10 or 20 minutes, then: - the screen saver is activated after 1...
  3. usermn

    Display with DisplayPort, CPU with HDMI

    There is a monitor with a DisplayPort input port. There is a desktop computer with an HDMI output port. Is it possible to connect the two?
  4. 2

    Windows 10 How can I get my PC to output in 32bit 10bpc (my monitor and graphics card both support it).

    I have a ViewSonic VP2770-LCD monitor and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 graphics card connected via DisplayPort. It is capable of displaying 32bit 10bpc color but on all of the test images, I have used it is not doing so. I have a digital camera that can make use of this and I want to.
  5. S

    Windows 7 SOLVED: Windows update failing and Display/Graphics driver faulty/partially installed.

    SOLVED Problem(s): Windows Update Failing to install updates (Error Code 641) & AMD Display Driver's "Partially Installed". Solution(s): Enable Windows Installer service manually. Windows 7 steps: Press the Windows key. > Type services.msc and press enter. > Navigate to Windows Installer down...
  6. JeronStevens

    Windows 10 Monitor troubles

    Hello, I recently got a new monitor. Before i was using two monitors as extended desktop, i was able to replace my main monitor with my new one, and all worked well. Upon restarting my computer, only my new main monitor works, and the restitution changes to the minimum, my secondary monitor...
  7. Kyeato

    Windows 10 Weird Graphics Glitch

    Yesterday, I did 3 big things: I updated my dell inspiron 13 7000 series laptop, I updated my microsoft office suite, and I installed project 64 the popular nintendo emulator. Since last night, every time my laptop goes to sleep and I turn the screen back on, I'll get this weird pixel-y display...
  8. Enfinite

    Windows 8 Windows 8 bsod error.

    I was using my computer one day and the blue screen popped up with this message "Your PC has ran into a problem. The bottom text with the specific error was"VIDEO TDR Failure (nvlddmkm.sys) I can reach the boot menu and safe mode but I dont have the windows 8 disk. After unplugging everything...
  9. euclidsfifthpostulate

    Windows 10 External laptop display off center

    I connected an external monitor to my laptop via VGA cable and the display is off center. They're of different resolutions but the current settings already reflect that. The monitor display is going off the left side of the monitor and the right side is empty black. What do I need to do to...
  10. X

    Windows 10 update making screen dim randomly

    Hello, After updating to window 10 (originally having windows 7) the screen brightness flickers from dim to normal again randomly. I tried fixing it by Display –> Enable adaptive brightness, and change the settings there to Off. which did not change anything. It was suggested updating drivers...
  11. S

    Windows 10 Things not to scale since Windows 10

    I have a relatively simple problem which I just cannot resolve. I have two monitors, one beside the other (in desktop extension, so that I have a wide desktop and can slide stuff seamlessly from one to the other). The first is 1920 x 1200, the other is 1920 x 1080. However, they are physically...
  12. H

    Windows 10 Pixel format not accelerated

    Hello there. Im having an issue with Minecraft. Whenever i try to start it it displays the following crash log ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // Who set us up the TNT? Time: 1/10/16 3:53 PM Description: Initializing game org.lwjgl.LWJGLException: Pixel format not accelerated at...
  13. F

    Windows 10 SERIOUS issue with 4k over HDMI in Windows 10

    It seems that Microsoft can't just release an OS that works properly without some sort of tweaking to make it even remotely usable for any sort of advanced application. I switched over to Windows 10 Enterprise through a clean install I did last night and I've regretted it ever since. I have a...