Windows 11 Laptop missing option to disable change brightness based on content


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Nov 13, 2023
I am missing the change brightness based on content option within settings -> system -> display -> brightness -> change brightness based on content.

I am on an MSI laptop with the Windows 11 version that shipped with the laptop.

Would anyone know why change brightness based on content is not available to me?

Thank you
There could be a number of reasons why you might be missing the "Change brightness based on content" option on your MSI laptop running Windows 11. Here are a few possible explanations:

1. Hardware Compatibility: Some laptops may not have the necessary hardware components, such as ambient light sensors, required to support the "Change brightness based on content" feature. It's possible that your specific MSI laptop model does not have this capability.

2. Driver Issues: Outdated or incompatible display drivers can sometimes cause certain features and settings to be unavailable or not function properly. Make sure that your laptop has the latest display drivers installed. You can check the MSI website or use Windows Update to search for and install any relevant driver updates.

3. Power Plan Settings: The "Change brightness based on content" option may be affected by the power plan settings on your laptop. Ensure that you have selected a power plan that allows for display brightness adjustments and that the power plan is not restricting this functionality.

4. Windows Edition Limitations: It's worth noting that certain versions or editions of Windows 11 may have different feature sets or restrictions. While the "Change brightness based on content" option should be available in most variants of Windows 11, it's possible that it might be limited or disabled in specific editions.

If none of these suggestions resolve the issue, it could be helpful to reach out to MSI support or Microsoft support for further assistance. They may have specific troubleshooting steps or insights based on the details of your laptop model and Windows 11 version.
Here is a video of the contrast issue I am having:

As the video shows: when I open a new window that contains a lot of white color, all color on my display goes dark and seems to loose color. This is not an affect of my camera, this is a true to life contrast color change.

It happens in all windows on all programs. It is especially annoying/disorienting using Word, Excel and ALT+Tab'ing to different windows.

I need it to stop changing contrast dynamically.

How do I get my Windows/dGPU to stop changing contrast dynamically?
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