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    Going back to Windows 7

    I used windows xp,7, 8 and 8.1 . Windows 8 GUI is really awesome but performance windows 8 still have too many bugs.
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    Make Windows 8 look like Windows 7?

    Windows 8 is more beautiful than windows 7 :D
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    Which Anti-Virus do You Use?

    I use free edition of Avira.
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    Bluetooth Headphones not visible

    Same problem to me :(
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    How to turn off the auto-fullscreen function for windows in windows 7?

    Thanks RAK. I also faced the same problem :)
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    Microsoft Office 2013 Video Review

    Very nice review. I am already grab the full version of MS Office 2013. Simply awesome :D
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    Picture Password on windows 8:

    Thanks for sharing :D
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    Windows 7 "Unspecified error occurred in AVG" At Startup

    Contact AVG support center.
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    Windows 7 MS Security Essentials slows down PC at startup

    I think windows defender is the best security software for windows OS.
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    Windows 7 Review - ESET Smart Security 5

    Nice review. Eset is really a smart antivirus. But it takes too much time to scan files. I use windows defender :D
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    Windows 7 Bitdefender Total Security 2013

    Why you use paid antivirus? Windows defender is enough. I suggest you to upgrade windows 8.
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    Windows 8 sucks

    I also agree with this. I am using windows 8 from one month in my laptop and I do not feel any big problem yet.
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    Windows 8 Themes

    Search Google for this.
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    So where is facebook?

    Very funny :D