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    Three monitor setup with eyefinity?

    I'm trying to hook up three monitors to my XFX 7850. From what I've read you need an active display port adapter to accomplish this with two DVIs and one display port to DVI. I have 3 dell p2310H monitors and they all have display ports. If I hook two of them up to the display ports using a...
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    Open most programs gives me an error.

    I noticed I can open powershell up as long as I don't right click and goto run as administrator.
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    Open most programs gives me an error.

    I hooked another internal hard drive up to my computer. I already had two drives installed one SSD that has Windows 7 installed and one 1TB standard drive. I use the SD drive to install programs and keep files. After I installed the 3rd drive it changed my SD drive letter to letter E: and gave...