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    How would you rate Windows 7

    If there was a selection called "Can't live without it", I'd choose it. Also, for you people who said that you wish you never installed it, what are you doing on this forum?
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    Auto-Tune Your Voice

    Great tutorial, Microsoft Man! I knew Audacity could add a lot of effects, but not auto-tune. I'll now be using this to annoy some of my friends :D Nah, jokes. It's interesting to know that a free program can do so much!
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    Black Screen of Death upon login?

    Re: [update] Have you taken Restore points? If you've taken Restore points, you should be able to fix this issue by restoring a healthy backup taken before the issue occurred (this will affect system files and programs only), or open the System Restore command prompt and enter "sfc \scannow"...
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    23 percent of Steam customers run Windows 7 already

    That's because all gamers need Windows 7. Uses almost no RAM usage, you can run it without having to worry about the resource hogging of Vista.
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    Windows 7 SP1

    Great! Yes, can't wait for it!
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    Ram Issue

    I think that's because Windows 7 thinks it can only use up to 3.25 GB of ram. I'm not sure if this is right, because my computer works with 8 GB of ram, and says that there is 7.5 GB usable. Good question, though. Hope you find out what happened.
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    Cannont start Windows 7 b/c of Bitlocker

    Don't Worry! All that has happened is that someone has encrypted your C: drive with BitLocker. All you need to do is find someone that has an extra hard drive slot in their computer (that isn't hard to find) and Windows 7 Ultimate or Enterprise, and then unlock the drive. The drive will have a...
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    Master your Windows 7 desktop

    I'm in charge :P
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    Windows 7 howto full transparent window, not just bordar?

    :O Now I've learned something!
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    Windows 7 change home page user screen

    You can download a simple program called LogonStudio and change your logon screen to anything you want - a photo, a cool picture, any image. You can get this program here. Don't worry, it's free, and you can get more logon screens here as well. In order to change your logon screen with this...
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    Windows 7 howto full transparent window, not just bordar?

    I'm afraid not, sorry. Just search the internet for programs that can do this, however.
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    Windows 7 Re-activate screen with shortcuts

    Simple Solution All you need to do is press Ctrl+Alt+Del and bring up Task Manager, then click on the 'New Task' button, type in 'explorer' and press OK. That should bring them up for you. It's just that Windows Explorer has crashed after your computer woke up. I have uploaded images as well.
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    Windows 7 How to change "Windows Explorer" dafault white backgroup color without losing the Aero theme feature

    Unfortunately, there is no real way to change the default window colour in the Aero theme, but you can sometimes find 3rd-party themes with different background colours. I didn't know that you couldn't change the default 'window' colour in Aero, either, but apparently you can't. Sorry, there's...
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    Windows 7 howto full transparent window, not just bordar?

    The only real way to have transparent windows is to download or install programs that have transparent windows by default. One of these is the Firefox 3.7 Alpha 4 Preview available for Windows. You can enable Aero Gass in this, so it is transparent. You can download it Link Removed due to 404...
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    Windows 7 Launchers

    Cool... Nice, must try the first one!