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    Can DIgital River Key work on DVD copy from retail???

    I bought the $49 versions from Amazon back in July and got them and also bought like 3 different keys from digital river from $29.99, student price. Will a key for a "32 bit" version from Digital river work on a "32 bit" DVD retail copy??? Just wondered if anyone has tried it out.
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    Windows 7 Games that Work and Games that Don't.

    Farcry 2 Can't seem to change the video settings. I want 1600x1050 and high settings. I have a BFG9800GTX+. It just locks up and becomes windowed for some reason. Like its stuck. I installed it through steam. Don't know if their extra crap they install like directx10 or anything like has...
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    Where are they?!

    Did you activate it? You should use timernuke to disable the activation thing. That could cause loss of functionality.
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    Downloading from Firefox and IE

    I'll try it out, thanks.
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    Windows 7 List of working game - W7 (64 bit)

    Some games working here not sure what other yet left for dead. I'm going to check out the punk buster work around to get COD4 working. I'm also going to install Farcry 2 to see how it all works. I had an OK experience with Vista Server 2008 but not impressed. So far my left4dead is...
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    Downloading from Firefox and IE

    Thanks for that program! Work very well. I'm cleaning out stuff now will update. Edit: OK got firefox back up but AVG is still showing as installed but I didn't use REvo in advance mode and may have screwed that up. I'm trying CCleaner now and see if I can get AVG reinstall after this. Ok...
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    Downloading from Firefox and IE

    Tried that but it didn't work. I've tried reinstalling firefox and it didn't install and got an error, install.rdf error
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    Downloading from Firefox and IE

    I should have been more specific. I believe the update of the AVG program and Windows Update on 2-1-09 may have conflicted with each other, as they both ran at the same time. As they were both installing I was using Firefox and clicked on a link and then got a blue screen. after reboot my...
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    Downloading from Firefox and IE

    Same error here my Firefox stops saving the DL and then my IE just locks up. Now I have no internet browser and must use my other PC. :mad: I have to install firefox again and I'm not sure what to do with ie or I may just do a complete repair of the OS. This happened when AVG was updating...