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    Any faster boot methods?

    On gaming motherboards there is usually an option in the bios menu for that as well. You can also go with a hybrid drive. But if your looking for the most improvement. Get a solid state and use the paragon OS software system to move your OS from the old drive to the new ssd. A reliable yet...
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    Migration OS from HDD to SSD Samsung Evo

    Picked up a 500GB Samsung evo SSD Does anyone know if the Cd that comes with it is required for the install? I have been hearing that there are specific drivers on the cd that are needed to operate the SSD. Is that true? I also want to use the paragon program to just transfer my OS instead of...
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    Adjusting brightness

    How do you manually adjust the brightness using windows 7?
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    Manually adjust brightness

    Any way to manually adjust the monitor brightness with windows 7? I have a Lenovo 23 in monitor that is not allowing me to adjust on the monitor itself. Or if there is a software that I can download that will allow me to adjust?
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    Chrome no longer works after last huge package of updates

    I had to go to fire fox. Shockwave kept crashing and I tried 4 solutions to try and fix it. Nothing worked.