Migration OS from HDD to SSD Samsung Evo


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Picked up a 500GB Samsung evo SSD

Does anyone know if the Cd that comes with it is required for the install? I have been hearing that there are specific drivers on the cd that are needed to operate the SSD. Is that true?

I also want to use the paragon program to just transfer my OS instead of the cd program it comes with. I don't want to copy the whole drive over.

So with paragon. Plug the SSD in and then boot paragon and take it from there? That is if the cd drivers aren't needed.


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You can try AOMEI Backupper which also has the function of system clone as well as disk clone. Just notice that after migration, you’d better not boot the computer from the destination disk directly. In order to make Windows bootable from the new SSD, please shut down your computer then disconnect the source disk and connect the destination disk.


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I'm not sure why you'd want to copy over only the OS from your Old drive to the new SSD drive (we hear the oddest things here!). However, I'm pretty sure that none of the tools mentioned (Paragon, Easus, nor AOEMI) are capable of stripping out JUST the OS, Windows, and copying or cloning that over to the new SSD drive. There are several other tools as well, but none of them do this to my knowledge. And if I'm wrong, then that will be a new thing I learned today!

The other way to go if you only need the OS on the new SSD and you wish to install apps from web download or install media (disc or usb stick)with the idea of building a fresh Windows on that SSD drive, is to find or create factory Recovery Discs and run those to put just the OS onto the new SSD drive. Make sure to disconnect the Old drive when doing this, and only use the SSD drive as your Windows C: boot drive to install the Windows OS on.

You also have a couple of other options that take more work to get the same result. They include contacting your PC manufacturer and ordering the factory Recovery discs or usb stick and purchasing it *typically $29-$99 in the U.S.*. You'd only need to do this if your PC did not come with the factory Windows recovery discs/usb stick, and your create recovery media utility is faulty or missing. Dell, HP, ACER/GATEWAY, and most other PC makers include that RECOVERY MEDIA TOOL in their custom Windows load, and should be on the Programs list. Install from that will always work unless your new SSD is faulty. You can also purchase of retail boxed copy of whichever Windows version you want (you listed your post here in the Win7 forum, so am guessing you want Win7 on the new SSD, correct?), and install Win7 (whichever flavor you want) onto the new SSD drive. That would run from about $80-$199 U.S. on the Internet from sites such as eBay, Amazon, Newegg, CDW, etc. This of course requires more work and also 1-2 days of downloading and installing missing drivers for your specific internal hardware, after the OS load from retail media.

Hope this gives you some options.
Best of luck, :encouragement:
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