1. hop

    install windows 7 on samsung 970 evo ssd

    Hello Is it possible to install w7 right to aformentioned pcie disk booting from newest windows 7 usb (2019)? Or do i have install first to sata drive? Thank you.
  2. P

    keep those devices updated, folks …

    keep those devices updated, folks … this security exploit deals with wi-fi chips from broadcom manufacturer. and, purportedly, the flaw has already been fixed (pursuant to os updating). " … can unleash a self-replicating attack that, with no user interaction, threatens 1...
  3. Colors6

    Lost sound after upgrading to windows 10

    I have a windows stick which plugs into my 22 inch Samsung 22f5100 LED HDTV via HDMI and converts it into a Windows PC. It came preinstalled with windows 8.1 bing. I've upgraded to Windows 10 pro. As a result of this upgrade I've lost sound. I tried upgrading sound driver. Did not help. I...
  4. D

    Windows 10 HDD/SSD Problems

    Hi I just installed Windows 10 from Windows 7, but I had to choose my HDD to install the OS. When I clicked the SSD, it said something about it not being compatible. I really wanna use my SSD (Samsung 840), so I decided to factory reset the OS, but it automatically installed on the HDD again...
  5. Windows 7 on Android OS

    Windows 7 on Android OS

    I continue my discussion, observation, and muse as I delve into the far reaches of Windows 7 on Android using the free TeamViewer app... join me in this discussion, as I marvel at the advancements taking place in the form of the re-consolidation of centralized networking (cloud computing) and...