operating system

  1. AlishS

    Mac OS C++ | Implement your own timer library | Embedded System | Operating System

    Design a software timer handler that triggers a specific function that gets executed when a timeout event occurs. Say there are 10 tasks that come in, each will have a timeout value and each will have a unique function to be called on timeout. You have one HW timer and need to handle this in...
  2. liz08

    Windows 10 When is process ID created?

    Hello, I would like to know when is a process ID created? Is it when the process is created or when the process is in a "running state" ? Thanks and Regards, Mananita Das
  3. A

    Windows 10 System Language Change

    Hi guys, sorry if this post is redundant. I changed the display language of my Windows 7 Ultimate to English from Mandarin, but many parts of the computer experience are still in Mandarin. For instance, when I go to twitter, facebook, etc. I'm taken to the Chinese portal. Also, installation for...
  4. W

    Windows 8.1 Operating system /New build

    I am doing a new build and will be loading windows 8.1 onto a new SSD. I will then be installing my old HHD into the new build for added storage, this drive has windows vista loaded on it. Will there be a conflict? Or will I be told that there are two versions installed and be given an option...