1. W

    Varying free storage?

    In 2013, our Vista SP2 Business PC (that OS was pre-installed, and actually great. In our experience, Vista worked as great as Windows 7) with 1 TB HDD had 610 GB free. Suddenly, after a few days, 627 GB were free, then 598 GB, without doing much. Then back to 618 GB free. Not that I mind it...
  2. James Mallett

    Upgrading HDD to SDD

    Hi there, I am currently in the process of upgrading my Laptop by replacing the current HDD with a SSD and then using the HDD as an extra hard drive. I would however like to run my windows off the new SSD. When i purchased the laptop it came with windows 8, which i upgraded to windows 10 while...
  3. V

    Windows 7 won't install

    So I built a new PC including a new HDD and a 250GB SSD. I added the old HDD too. I moved all my personal data (programs and settings etc excluded) to the new HDD and then reset my old HDD so there would only be Windows 10 there. Now what I wanted to do is get Win10 on my SSD by using...
  4. Payson

    MAC and WINDOWS 10

    I want to put windows 10 on my dell laptop I have wiped the drive with dban so I only have mac computers to use now. I have a hdd that I can put files on and an usb that I also can put files on but when I use a usb it says missing operating system and when I use my hdd it just is a blank...
  5. D

    Windows 10 HDD/SSD Problems

    Hi I just installed Windows 10 from Windows 7, but I had to choose my HDD to install the OS. When I clicked the SSD, it said something about it not being compatible. I really wanna use my SSD (Samsung 840), so I decided to factory reset the OS, but it automatically installed on the HDD again...
  6. H

    Can't get to windows, always boot up to chkdsk even after completing it

    Last night my pc was fine, until I booted it up this morning, after the windows logo it brings me to chkdsk (drive C, system partition), ran it and it took hours to complete, there are so much unreadable file error, minor name or what it is, after it finished my pc reboots itself, back into the...
  7. H

    windows won't boot after install

    I just built my own computer and I'm having problems. I installed Windows and then it said that it had to restart and it did but then it just went back to the screen that tells you to boot from a media device. I was having numerous problems with my ssd and its happened so many times. I used a...
  8. Frederik Rahbek

    Windows 10 hdd assigned another letter, pc not working

    Hi. So i connected an old hdd to my pc, which changed my hdd drive letter to E instead of D. I could not open some folders in the old hdd because of permission issues. Then i tried to get admin privileges but it wouldn't let me. It started freezing and turned out as a error when i tried to...
  9. R

    General hardware forum

    I would like some input on drive configuration but, of course, these would not generally be Windows-specific questions. Does anyone have a favorite hardware community where I could post such a question as that below? I am looking at disk performance in my current system and trying to determine...
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