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  1. V

    Windows 10 Upgrade Windows 7 on SSD NVMe to Windows 10 on SSD NVMe

    I've been searching the web for this answer but I cannot find any. It's either they tell you how to upgrade from Windows 7 on regular HDD to Windows 10 on regular HDD or how they migrate from Windows 10 on HDD to Windows 10 on SSD NVME. So right now I'm still using Windows 7 Ultimate Edition. I...
  2. K

    Windows 10 Kingston SSD sometimes isn't recognized by Windows or BIOS

    I got my computer like 2 weeks ago, it's good but there's one problem. For a boot SSD I chose the Kingston NV1 since it's cheap, it's M.2, and it's 500gb, however it's not doing much booting right now because every time I try set it as boot priority it just loads back to my temporary windows...
  3. Monkstrosity

    Windows 10 All M.2 SSDs Sequentially at 100% after boot

    Hello all, new to this so bear with me. I recently purchased a 1 TB WD Black M.2 NVMe Drive and installed a fresh OS image on it, keeping my two secondary SATA WD Blue M.2 Drives full of games and just re-mapping on the new drive. Ever since then, however, the system always runs each disk, one...
  4. hop

    Windows 7 install windows 7 on samsung 970 evo ssd

    Hello Is it possible to install w7 right to aformentioned pcie disk booting from newest windows 7 usb (2019)? Or do i have install first to sata drive? Thank you.
  5. C

    Windows 7 I'm wanting Windows 7 on SSD and Program Files on HDD

    I'm setting up a new computer that will have a 250 GB Samsung EVO 850 SSD and two 1 TB Seagate Barracuda hard drives. I want the SSD to be the boot drive and have the Windows folder with the operating system (Windows 7 Professional 64 bit). I also want to have a few programs on the SSD...
  6. Scarecrow

    Windows 10 Can't boot on selected drive

    Hi, I recently built a PC with 2 drives, a SSD and a HDD. I had originally installed Windows on the SSD but after a malfunction, I temporarily installed it on the HDD while the SSD was getting replaced. When the new SSD arrived, I did the following : - Unplugged the SATA cable from my HDD -...
  7. Romchik9007

    Windows 10 Cannot install Windows 10 on a SSD Drive

    So I've just assembled a brand new PC. Everything seemed to be working perfectly, until it came to the point when I had to install Windows 10 using a flash USB. I've used the official Windows Installer Tool to do that. So the problem is, Windows doesn't want to allocate any space onto the...
  8. N

    Windows 10 SSD Unplugged and Data Lost

    I lost all my data because apparently external ssd's are not hot swappable. Here is how it went: I installed Windows 10 on the SSD and moved all files from the HDD to the SSD while running the OS on the HDD. Then I put the SSD in the laptop hard drive space and booted up, but there were no files...
  9. Kerbankle

    SSD'S needed! Please advise me.

    SSD's prove to be really costly. I'm in no shape or form to throw out extra cash, so i do need some help. I tried googlin' , but everything i could find is so damn much! I don't have any actual limit, but it should be something under 150 bucks. On to the main topic. Not long ago I got my greasy...
  10. R

    Windows 7 window 7 cant find installation to repair

    Hi Windows 7 Ult. HPO Envy DV6 7331-SA (2 graphics cards) Replaced Fan Booted OK but screen display fuzzy (OK on external monitor) Tried system restore (in case Id screwed anything up while repairing the fan) Then rebooted and get request to repair installation Insert Windows 7 installation...
  11. S

    Windows 7 How to uninstall Win7

    I tried to do a clean install from Win7 Pro disk onto new SSD Plus which was connected internally to my main PC. There were boot issues (long story), so I decided to physically remove the SSD. I want to uninstall win7 from that new SSD. Nothing else was loaded onto it. My question is: Can I...
  12. James Mallett

    Upgrading HDD to SDD

    Hi there, I am currently in the process of upgrading my Laptop by replacing the current HDD with a SSD and then using the HDD as an extra hard drive. I would however like to run my windows off the new SSD. When i purchased the laptop it came with windows 8, which i upgraded to windows 10 while...
  13. D

    Windows 10 Install Windows 10 on new SSD drive (replacing Win 7 drive)

    Greetings, I am currently using Windows 7 and have been receiving offers from Microsoft for a while to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. This is a a computer I built about 4 years ago and I still have the Windows 7 media (DVD) in hand. I've out grown my Solid State Drive and hope to install a...
  14. D

    Windows 10 Windows 10 HDD/SSD Problems

    Hi I just installed Windows 10 from Windows 7, but I had to choose my HDD to install the OS. When I clicked the SSD, it said something about it not being compatible. I really wanna use my SSD (Samsung 840), so I decided to factory reset the OS, but it automatically installed on the HDD again...
  15. A

    Windows 7 Shutdown, Sleep, Restart, Hibernate. never fully finish. SSD?

    I recently installed a Crucial SSD into my friends Inspiron N4110, Boot is super fast and everything works very well with a few small exceptions... When told to Shutdown, it goes through the normal procedure with great speed closing all open programs then proceeding to the blue screen reading...
  16. J

    New Laptop, Connecting Old Hard Drive, Error Message "Driver Door My Be Open"

    Hello, I just got a Lenovo G50 Touch today after my five year old Acer Aspire 5742 was dropped. After it was dropped and worked for a few hours I shut the old girl down. The next day when I went to use the Aspire I received a boot up error message "Disc Cannot be Read." After talking to Geek...
  17. tck13

    Windows 10 How to remove unallocated partition in Windows

    I have a laptop that I installed an ssd(had to swap the hdd and merge the ssd over) however whenever I do a cold boot I have to go into the bios in order to boot. I'm assuming my issue lies with how many partitions I have and their order. I saw that I have an unallocated partition and Cannot...
  18. F

    Windows XP Live CD Windows 7/8/10 to trim XP laptop's SSD ?

    Hi, (please no advice to dump xp etc, I'm aware of the issues, this is not my question...thanks.) So I'm wondering if it would be possible to benefit the trim ability of Windows 7/8/10, with a Live CD of one of those, on my windows XP SP3 laptop (using IDE mode, and NTFS file system) ? Some of...
  19. J

    Windows 10 BSOD sporadic. SSD issue?

    Getting BSOD often. Sometimes every few minutes. Complete power removed seems to help. This is a 5 year old PC. Upgraded from Win 7 to Win 10. Seemed stable at the time. Issues started in December 2015. Getting a host of different errors. Most often: critical process died, unexpected store...
  20. H

    Windows 7 windows won't boot after install

    I just built my own computer and I'm having problems. I installed Windows and then it said that it had to restart and it did but then it just went back to the screen that tells you to boot from a media device. I was having numerous problems with my ssd and its happened so many times. I used a...