1. C

    Windows 10 Windows 10 file history

    I've just installed windows 10 into my new PC. I have two SSDs in it, one for files and one for booting windows. I've decided to enable the windows 10 file history feature to backup 200GB worth of files from my boot SSD into to my 2nd SSD. My question is, if I set it to the hourly backup option...
  2. J

    Windows 7 MBR error after windows update

    My computer was installing updates and it seemed to have gotten stuck installing the final update, so I shut it down hoping that the update would succeed a second time around. Upon turning the computer back on, I got the error message "MBR error 1 Press any key to boot from floppy” and pressing...
  3. RodBarnes

    General hardware forum

    I would like some input on drive configuration but, of course, these would not generally be Windows-specific questions. Does anyone have a favorite hardware community where I could post such a question as that below? I am looking at disk performance in my current system and trying to determine...
  4. T

    Windows 10 Hibernation Problem

    I have a SSD with Windows 10 installed. I need of Hibernation function very much; And all time which I do Hibernation, and the PC turn off, to back for work, crashes. The session is lost. I use UEFI of Asus. Just complementing The problem that I previously said, I have installed Windows 10 on...
  5. T

    Windows 10 Windows 10 have total compatibility with SSD?

    I need to install Windows 10 in SSD (sv300s37a240g). I contacted Kingston and received information that: "The Windows 10 still does not have features suitable for the use of SSD technology, Microsoft will deliver new features soon to perfect compatibility with your new OS." But they said that...
  6. T

    Windows 10 How to fix error "0x80300024" Install Windows 10 in SSD

    Hi, I purchase a SSD: (sv300s37a240g), connected on the motherboard, I recognized the same in BIOS, put like AHCI, insert Windows 10 Install Disc in computer; when choosing the SSD to install, it appears that:: We couldn't install windows in the location your choose. "Please check your media...
  7. Convert 2.5" Laptop to 3.5" Desktop SSD in Seconds!

    Convert 2.5" Laptop to 3.5" Desktop SSD in Seconds!

    Make your desktop PC, workstation, or server lightning fast with state of the art solid state technology guaranteed to bring your computer to the next level of speed and reliability.
  8. Crucial CT128M225 SSD vs. Seagate Barracuda 7200 RPM

    Crucial CT128M225 SSD vs. Seagate Barracuda 7200 RPM uncovers a complete blowout when using 4 Crucial SSDs in a RAID-0 configuration vs. a standard Seagate Barracuda 7200 RPM hard drive. The results will amaze both the casual and experienced computer users.
  9. When Solid State Hard Drives Fail

    When Solid State Hard Drives Fail

    In this video, "When Solid State Hard Drives Fail", Microsoft MVP and 7x Certified Information Technology Professional and Consultant Mike Fara, from Windows 7 Forums (, takes a look at the frustration of identifying a SSD failure, the response from retail outlets, and...
  10. 2011: A Year of Solid State Hard Drives

    2011: A Year of Solid State Hard Drives

    This forty minute video demonstration examines the impact of solid state hard drives on various laptops, new and old. A Dell XPS 15z and Dell XPS M1330 are compared through boot tests, benchmarks, and actual gaming experiences. A solution to a problem with SSD installations and Sandy Bridge...
  11. How to Build a Intel Core i7 System from Start to Finish

    How to Build a Intel Core i7 System from Start to Finish

    More on parts here: Build a system to last the test of time. In this demonstration, I show you how to install an Intel Core i7 on a Gigabyte GA-X58-A UD5 (Socket LGA1366) with 8GB DDR3 RAM using a CoolerMaster Centurion 534, CoolerMaster 600W Power Supply (PSU), and Cooler...
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