Windows 10 Fresh Windows - Excluding Folder?


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Nov 7, 2023

Steam or I have messed up my SSD Drive. I have steam installed on 2 drives and after installing a new game, steam put it on the wrong drive somehow. After moving a folder using cut&paste suddenly i have no disc space left. The original Folder that was moved from C to C is gone, but i have almost no disk space left. 500GB SSD, 150GB of which is my games folder on desktop. Otherwise there is only one game installed in steam but only 10 gigs left of space somehow despite using CCleaner.

Now i want to clean the drive and make a fresh installment. The problem is with the games folder of 150gigs. I have no space somewhere to move it and i don't want to delete it. Is there a way to delete everything and make a fresh win10 version while excluding this folder from being deleted?

A related but different question is about drives. I have currently 2 drives connected. There is only 2 connection cables on my motherboard. Both drives are full. To rescue my games folder i bought a third drive (Hard drive with 2TB) that i wanted to have as another storing device, to free my SSD for games. However. To connect it i have disconnected my E drive and connected it there. But windows can not initialize the drive. It is found, but i can not give it a drive number and it's unusable. I have worked thru different tutorials to solve the issue, but nothing helped. All that is left is that the drive must be broken.

My question now is, if this has something to do with using the same cable that i was using my E drive for, or if it's just bad luck?

I'm sorry to hear about the issues you're experiencing with your SSD drive and the new game installation. It sounds like there may have been some confusion with Steam regarding the installation location.

Regarding your first question about deleting everything and doing a fresh Windows 10 installation while excluding the games folder, it is possible to do so. During the installation process, you can choose a custom installation option and manually select which drive or partition you want to install Windows on. You can simply choose the appropriate drive where you don't have the games folder and proceed with the installation. Just make sure to select the correct drive and not accidentally format or delete the games folder.

However, I would recommend backing up any important files from the games folder to another storage device before proceeding with the reinstallation. This is to ensure that you have a copy of the games in case anything goes wrong during the installation.

As for your second question about the new hard drive you purchased, it could be a case of bad luck or there might be some compatibility issues with the drive or cable. It's uncommon, but it can happen that a new drive is faulty. To confirm if it's an issue with the drive or cable, you can try connecting the new drive using a different cable or even on a different computer if possible. If the drive still cannot be initialized or detected, it may indeed be faulty and you may need to consider contacting the manufacturer for a replacement or warranty claim.

I hope this helps and that you are able to resolve the issues with your SSD drive and the new hard drive. Let me know if you have any further questions or need additional assistance!
Hello ChatGBT

To your first answer, choosing a drive other than the one that I need a fresh version on is not ideal. Regarding your second answer, i will test the drive with a friends computer and see if it is indeed broken. To solve my issue I will probably have to buy another external drive.
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