1. david99999

    Cordless Headphones Chaos

    Two days ago I used third-party software that updates my drivers and my cordless headphones do not work any longer. When I right-click the Headphones in Sound nothing happens. I use an Ultron Bluetooth dongle so that my headphones (JBL E55BT) connect with the PC. This third-party software...
  2. D

    Major errors after update

    Ok so yesterday Windows forced an update on me, which seemed normal. It took an awful long time to update as usual but finally it was done. Important to know is that I use a touchscreen laptop, not a pc. After my pc restarted I noticed something weird, my keyboard stopped working, but that...
  3. Nomad of Norad

    Windows 10 "high definition audio device not plugged in" on all mic inputs

    I am having an issue where none of the built in jacks are working for me. I have a mic plugged into the jack at the back, but I get no audio from it at all, and when I plugged another mic into the jack in the front, it got detected but I still got no indication of any sound coming in from that...
  4. Saraghtera

    WIN 10 Microsoft's applications crashing, Start menu and available wifis

    Hello Firstly I'm going to say that I'm familiar with the win 10 start menu problems and I've fixed them before. The fix now just does not work. Also this problem is a multiparter with start menu being just one area affected. Getting down to business: A week ago Microsoft's products started...
  5. M

    Windows 10 Driver Issue

    Hello, I am having issues with BSOD's. I have been using WinDebug to analyze the dump files and believe I have found the driver causing the issues, "dlcdcncm". The output from WinDbg is attached. Also, I was able to use NirSoft InstalledDriverList to find the driver and it appears that the...
  6. ragnarok1968

    Driver easy

    * Some might not like this. but I can say since I've been a user for about a year now that, Driver Easy basically, The system knows what hardware you have in your system and knows where to get the WHQL drivers for said hardware. From their official websites. I've been on Windows 10 and rolled...
  7. T

    USB MICE UNUSABLE / Error CODE 10 Device Manager (PS/2 Bug)

    Hello everyone! I'm encountering a really annoying and unpredictable problem: for a reason I ignore, my mice (Mad Catz RAT 7) isn't recognized by Windows and has just stop working. When I plug it in, the mice's leds lights up 10sec then suddently light off, and the cursor/clics don't...
  8. R

    usb controller driver on surface pro 3

    i have been trying to resolve an issue with a usb driver for a gps device i have. Someone suggested uninstalling the usb controller drivers and letting windows install them for fresh. This indeed happened but since that point my computer (surface pro 3) would not connect properly to the type...
  9. V

    Windows 7 won't install

    So I built a new PC including a new HDD and a 250GB SSD. I added the old HDD too. I moved all my personal data (programs and settings etc excluded) to the new HDD and then reset my old HDD so there would only be Windows 10 there. Now what I wanted to do is get Win10 on my SSD by using...
  10. kemical

    Display Driver Uninstaller DDU V17.0.1.0

    Display Driver Uninstaller DDU - Display Driver Uninstaller is a driver removal utility that can help you completely uninstall AMD/NVIDIA graphics card drivers and packages from your system, without leaving leftovers behind (including registry keys, folders and files, driver store). The...
  11. Alexlmn

    Sound problems (update 15/04/16)

    Yesterday my laptop had an automatic windows update when I shut down the system. Today when I tried to listen to music with my earbuds (3.5 jack) the music wont play. I've tried to use my headset ad it doesn't work neither. Without the earbuds, the sound works perfectly. I've tried updating mij...
  12. S

    Memory Management BSOD Windows 10 (Crash data included) Please help, I've tried everything I can th

    Hey guys. I've been back and forth with this BSOD issue for about a year now and I'm about to lose my mind. It's a problem that's followed me since windows 8. Now some background information. Brought my computer in for repairs. Figured out one of my graphics cards was overheating. Placed a new...
  13. ViceZX

    Windows 10 bluetooth drivers turning off from hibernation

    i bought this samsung slate series 7 pc tablet to perfom office work, this tablet came with windows 10 installed and i didnt had any problems setting the bluetooth mouse and keyboard to work however when i put the tablet on suspention/hibernation and turn it back on the bluetooth drivers stop...
  14. How to Update Realtek Network Interface Card Drivers (PCIe GBIE Family Controller)

    How to Update Realtek Network Interface Card Drivers (PCIe GBIE Family Controller)

    Easily update Network Interface Card Drivers from Realtek: Network interface card drivers are often left neglected on many systems. Yet the updates that are brought forth can be beneficial to resolve connectivity problems on LANs and WANs. This video tutorial demonstrates how to acquire...
  15. How to Upgrade AMD and NVIDIA Video Graphics Card Drivers

    How to Upgrade AMD and NVIDIA Video Graphics Card Drivers

    This instructional video is a step-by-step tutorial process demonstrating the quick automatic and manual update features used to upgrade video graphics card drivers from AMD and NVIDIA. Provided by