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    Search in Windows Server 2016 is very weak, Prime example.

    Search in Windows Server 2016 is very weak, Prime example.
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    Errors after regular Windows update

    1. Check if your hiberfil.sys file still exists on your system, if its missing then this is probably the reason you don't have the sleep option anymore. 2. Check your device manager and see if the driver is still there for your screen, update the current driver or download a driver for the...
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    Search in Windows Server 2016 is very weak,

    Check your indexing options, make sure what you want is checked.
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    Risk with adding Hyper-V? Use powershell big man.
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    1. Forum topic hasn't been answered for 7 days. 2. I answer forum topic 3. Windows Forum...

    1. Forum topic hasn't been answered for 7 days. 2. I answer forum topic 3. Windows Forum administrator has to then comment to show everyone they have done "something" with it and try make the person who commented sound stupid. 4. WHATS THE POINT OF THE FORUM IF ONLY ADMINS WANT TO MAKE COMMENTS...
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    Not waking up from sleep mode

    I would check if your bios has the latest update for Win 10 before anything else
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    A lot of cpu is being used, but opening the task manager drastically reduces it. Why?

    This sounds like an OS issue..... first thing i would try is looking at msconfig, see what type of start up selection you have, reset it to normal start up if possible then restart..see if that helps. If that doesn't help, I would give the OS a reinstall and see how it gets on after that...
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    CD music will not start.

    Hi Melvin, Honestly, I would use something thats a bit more robust and can handle most types of media extensions. I would download VLC (VLC: Official site - Free multimedia solutions for all OS! - VideoLAN), then change the default music and default video apps to VLC Media Player. With groove...
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    CD music will not start.

    I would check to see what application is autoplaying your CD's...go to the default apps sections in settings and look at the music player and video player options
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    messed up libraries

    Can you show us a screenshot of what they look like? Also you can uninstall onedrive from the programs and features in control panel. It will be listed there!
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    MS Account password doesn't work to open Windows Store

    try login to your microsoft account online, ensure the password is correct, then try on the store, otherwise use the settings in windows 10 to reset the store.
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    making d line chart at excel problem occur only at windows 10

    Have you done a full repair of the office suite on the windows 10 machine to see if it helps?
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    File bootbcd missing

    If your not using Windows 10 then make sure you create a windows 8 usb (if its still possible)
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    File bootbcd missing

    You will need a Windows 10 USB, create one using the windows 10 media creation tool. Download Windows 10 1. boot from the usb once its created. 2. it will prompt you to select language, country and keyboard, press next. 3. Select repair your computer at the bottom left. 4. click on...
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    Camera app with text/arrows as IOS camera app

    Get Adobe Photoshop Express: Image Editor, Adjustments, Filters, Effects, Borders - Microsoft Store Free and powerful image editing tool.