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    Windows 10 system posts but won't start

    Ok, thank for the advice. There's only one computer that needs to be fixed, the one that posts without booting into Windows. It won't let me access the BIOS settings as well. I will try the RAM thing a little later.
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    Windows 10 system posts but won't start

    I have a system that will not make it past post. The system starts, and then has a black screen that basically reads "disk error" and a mac id. Now, I know that means there is something wrong, so I took the drive and put it in my main system with slightly higher specs. The hard drive worked...
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    Chrome Issuses Confirmed!

    So after reading this, it sounds like chrome is running in the background which is configurable, if you don't want to restart your computer every time you test something. It has a little icon in the lower right corner of your screen on the task bar, right clicking should give you the options you...
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    Watch DVDs in Win 10

    Windows 10 lacks factory software for playing DVD's, in order to play them you need to install software separately. If the issue persists with CD's, then you may want to update your drivers. I personally use VLC for playing DVD's, but there are around 50 options that you can find on Google.
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    Insider Preview Lost Features

    Age, this probobly should be a different thread, but if you Google "Windows movie maker" one of the first links is a Windows link to the installer for the app. Beware, the app is no longer supported for Windows 10, despite still working fine.
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    problem with ram

    Yeah, Windows uses a little ram. It's normal with any version of Windows. It uses around 1Gb on my 16 Gb setup. This is normal and unavoidable while using Windows.
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    Remotely Connect To PC From other Network

    The cheaper option would be to just use Windows remote desktop, which is installed by default since windows 7. That does involve some configuration that you would have to figure out. This will only work if you are an admin on both computers though.
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    Mouse Recommendations

    What I use for a wireless mouse is the Logitech V470. I like the Bluetooth connection and the long battery life. I primarily use a wired gaming mouse just because of latency, but the V470 is great since it works with everything that has Bluetooth. Plus, it looks good and is big enough for me.
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    Windows 10 Update Stuck Please Help!

    So, you are stuck in a boot loop, saying that it will install windows 10, but you don't want windows 10? If you let it install you can roll it back to 8.1 after, that should fix the issue. There is a page on this forum on how to do that, you would just have to do it before Windows 10 becomes paid.
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    Trojan Alert

    Real time with modern security software means that it will scan your hard drive all the time, as system resources permit, repetitively. The small amount of your hard drive used would indicate that unless you are using a minimal PC, everything gets scanned very rapidly, probably every day, so...
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    Trojan Alert

    How much stuff is on your hard drive? If you have a lot, and WD updates its definitions, or several other possibilities, real-time may just detect the virus at a random time, this forum being slightly more likely than others. Modern real time scanning scans everything incoming and also uses a...
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    Windows 10 Working on it

    So, what you are saying is you have ruled out the hard drive? All that means is exactly that, you may have corrupt RAM or a broken CPU. Are you using beta Windows 10 or consumer Windows 10? If you don't know what this means and you just do what Windows tells you, you are using consumer. Is this...
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    Will Windows 10 future Proof Current Software and Hardware?

    Even if Windows sticks with 1 operating system, which I find unlikely, they will still have updates to it. All I can do is estimate what will happen, so anything is possible, but what I find probable is that Windows will stop charging for the latest operating system, although it will keep...
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    MSI First Motherboard Brand to be Windows 10 Certified

    Nvidia makes them, they are a new card that is, according to some news sites, the best card out there, even comparable to a Titan x. I haven't used it, so all I am telling you is what I have heard. I was mostly just curious as to what the people on this form thought of it. It is being sold...
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    MSI First Motherboard Brand to be Windows 10 Certified

    If you are already spending $600 on a board, I am curious as to why you wouldn't go with a gtx 1080 or 1070, are they not as good as I am hearing or is it just compatibility?