Windows 10 system posts but won't start

I have a system that will not make it past post. The system starts, and then has a black screen that basically reads "disk error" and a mac id. Now, I know that means there is something wrong, so I took the drive and put it in my main system with slightly higher specs. The hard drive worked beautifully, disk check saw no problems with it. I installed Windows 10 again onto it and changed the disk type and it still won't run. This system started the issue after trying to factory reset Windows 10, 64 bit on a different hard drive. Since I can't easily get that one I put this one in. I have tried most of the SATA ports on the board and they don't really change anything. I have access to a test stick of RAM, but no thermal compound so I don't want to change the CPU. This system is almost 5 years old, prebuilt. Any suggestions would be great. I have similar systems that work if a hardware issue is suspected.


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Hi Matterny,
rather than installing windows onto the drive via your main machine, have you tried to clean install when the drive is in the original system?

Also if the system has more than 1 drive attached then remove them all apart from what will be 'C' and try the clean install again.

Can you post some spec's re' the drive in question and the system it lives in.

On the machine that won't post, have you tried clearing the bios? Other tips include removing all the RAM apart from one stick and see if she posts.


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On the original system that won't post, try this. Power off the system, open the case and physical remove all hard drives from it. Next, physically remove all RAM sticks from the memory slots. Yes, all of them! Power the system back on; if you don't hear short and long audible beeps coming from the Motherboard internal or Case Speaker, then your Motherboard on that machine is dead and needs to be replaced.:waah:

Moving the hard drive from the 1st system to the 2nd system will not work as the Windows is tied to the EXACT hardware, CPU, fsb speed, etc. on that Motherboard and won't work properly, even if W10 appears to boot on it. (did you check your device manager to see if all devices were working so as disk storage, network adapters, etc. without warnings--yellow exclamation marks, red "X-es" etc.?). Similar specs or the same brand CPU do not count!:noway:

Installing any hard drive on the 2nd computer with W10 and trying to move it back into your original PC will not work either for the same reason. :noway: As kemical, suggests you really need to do a Clean Install of W10 on that 1st computer with a known good hard drive.

Also, that message you mention is trying to boot from a network ROM server image, which you probably don't have, and it could be as simple as your BIOS not finding the hard drive in the boot order preference. Access your BIOS and make certain that the 1st hard drive is being read in the BIOS and shows up with make/model and capacity on the BIOS storage screen. If not, you could have a failed hard drive or a failed Mobo. The removal of all HDDs and RAM sticks is pretty much a dead giveaway as if that doesn't work you have a faulty Mobo and will have to replace it to get that computer ever to work again with any HDD. Or simply junk it and replace it with a newer machine.

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Ok, thank for the advice. There's only one computer that needs to be fixed, the one that posts without booting into Windows. It won't let me access the BIOS settings as well. I will try the RAM thing a little later.

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