black screen

  1. V

    after going into safe mode my pc restarts and then boots up with a black screen

    So when I was trying to go to safe mode I went to "msconfig" using "Run" then I clicked "boot" then I clicked safe boot and set it to minimal after that i clicked apply and restarted my pc and my pc shows the "HKC" logo then says "no signal" and then the "no signal" thing disappeared and then...
  2. Z

    Black screen - how to reenable graphic adapter in device manager?

    Hi I accidentally disabled graphic adapter in device manager and got black screen. I've tried to reactivate graphic adapter through: windows key + ctr + shift + B boot with windows installation disc boot with windows recovery usb boot with F8 to enter BIOS settings All methods failed. How...
  3. H

    Windows 10 Safe mode checked on. Black screen on startup

    Hi, i checked safe mode on by pressing Windows and R and searching msiconfig and ticked safe boot as minimal. Now when i start pc its just a black screen showing on the monitor. I cant reach login screen or see bios screen is there anyway to disable this as i start up? Many thanks
  4. Thommy

    Windows 10 I messed up my graphics driver

    tl;dr at the bottom. I have an old (~9 years) Medion Erazer (Windows 10) desktop which had been experiencing several issues as of late. One of those issues was random computer freezes, predominantly when playing video games. I realized that I had several broken registers on my computer which I...
  5. L

    Windows 11 Windows broke after update

    I Got issues with my Windows. It started updating automatically. It did that thing where it says “hello. We are making everything ready for you” or something like that. It also said that it took longer that they expected. After the update the screen was black and the windows thing down in the...
  6. APion

    Windows 7 Stuck at a black screen with blinking cursor [have a dual boot with ubuntu]

    I have dual booted windows 7 with Ubuntu 14.04 on my laptop. I had used windows and hibernated when it had low battery(was done when half asleep). But I hadn't taken notice of what happened during hibernate. Later when I opened my laptop, it wouldn't open. I then charged my laptop. The dell logo...
  7. U

    Windows 7 On and off black screen after sleep

    Stats: Sony VAIO All in One PC 64 Well basically what happened was, I put the computer to sleep using the FN+F8 keys on the keyboard (Logitech MK320 Wireless). About maybe an hour or an hour an a half, I clicked the space bar, it woke up, and I put in the password. It quickly logged in, and as...
  8. A

    Windows 10 Windows 10 Black Screen startup

    I've noticed that during the first startup, none of my external devices (mouse, keyboard etc) work. When I move the mouse the internal motherboard speaker sounds. It's almost as if all input output slots fail or arent working until I shut the pc down. Could this be what is causing the issue...
  9. R

    Windows 10 In/Out of Fullscreen causes crashes

    Okay, so I've been searching around and cannot find anyone else with a similar problem. Basically, sometimes when going into or out of something that is fullscreen, it will just freeze on a black screen. Mouse cursor isn't visible, no keyboard shortcuts work, but Skype still works perfectly...
  10. N

    Windows 8 black screen

    I have an Asus k551ln... I boot from usb flash to install windows 8.1, there is an error says the system can't be installed because *something* GPT partition i don't remember... i restarted the computer and went to the bios settings, changed the booting priority then saved and restart..... it...
  11. Unknonwn

    Windows 10 black screen when installing with burnt disc

    HI, i have windows 7 Ultimate x64 and tried to install windows 10 using an blank DVD and an ISO file distributed by Microsoft,after downloading the file i have just burnt the file to the disc and booted the computer by it. the blue logo appears on a black background and after a while the...