Laptop won't wake from sleep, and color profile issues


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Feb 21, 2023
I picked up an Asus ROG G14 with the recent Best Buy sale and am loving it, but I'm having two issues. I did some searching but the solutions I found didn't work for me.

  1. I often am unable to wake the computer up from sleep. I don't even know how it's getting into sleep as I have sleep disabled when plugged in. But at night I plug in, close the lid, and 50/50 chance in the morning I'll have a black screen that I can't turn on without holding the power button for a hard reset (and even that takes several tries)
  2. The display out of the box had a really purple biased tint to it. So I did the built in color calibration and fixed it with a new color profile, but it constantly resets to the default ASUS profile. Sometimes just randomly. Often when coming out of sleep or rebooting. The weird thing is most of the time to fix it I just have to open up the display panel in the control panel. Other times I have to actually re-select the proper profile. But it just won't stick.

Windows 11 64-bit

What is your lid close action? That can be set to sleep as well.

Also a lot of peripheral devices don't support lighter sleep levels or sleep at all so they may power off which means some devices may not trigger a wake.

If you look in 'Change advanced power settings' you should see your button and lid close actions.
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