1. knoho

    RAM detected by BIOS but not by Win10

    Hi, I have an ASUS G56JK. I purchased 2x16GB DDR3L (Crucial). If I install just one or both memories, Windows won't start. However, I've tried combining one that the laptop brought originally with one of the memories I just bought. In the BIOS it says 24GB, but in Windows 8GB. I already...
  2. Romchik9007

    ASUS 144Hz Monitor issue

    Hello all, hope all is well. I've bought a brand new monitor: ASUS VG248QE But here's the problem, when the monitor arrived, it came with a CD of what I assume would be drivers for the monitor. However, my PC doesn't have a generic CD/DVD reader. I've installed and connected the monitor to the...
  3. ussnorway

    replace the harddrive in Asus tp500l

  4. Saraghtera

    WIN 10 Microsoft's applications crashing, Start menu and available wifis

    Hello Firstly I'm going to say that I'm familiar with the win 10 start menu problems and I've fixed them before. The fix now just does not work. Also this problem is a multiparter with start menu being just one area affected. Getting down to business: A week ago Microsoft's products started...
  5. Saamarth Gupta

    BSOD With Unexpected Store Exception and Critical Process Died (No Minidump Getting Created)

    I have an ASUS K501UW-NB72 Laptop running the latest Windows 10, I have been experiencing BSODs for the past week. I have even Reset my PC, removing my files and apps. The LED Notification for the hard Drive Stays On, doesn't flash and suddenly the System Stops Responding. Whatever is in the...
  6. N

    Format PC with built in Window 7

    Dears, Good day, I have Asus PC with built in window, i am trying to boot recovery mood f9 when the PC start off. unfortunately the recovery not solve the problem even when i select full format for PC. the PC run and shut down again and again (unlimited loop) seems that there is a software...
  7. ussnorway

    tp500ln upgrade option

    I found this youtube demo very helpful when I wanted more grunt from the lappie...
  8. David Cole

    3D_Enable_G.exe Wasting CPU!

    I have Windows 7 on a custom built computer, and I am a gamer. I play a lot of resource intensive games, that require a lot of CPU power. However, games like GTA5 constantly freeze because this program 3D_Enable_G.exe is wasting 50 CPU even when nothing is running. I have researched this enough...
  9. NightEagle

    ASUS X5DC Laptop won't boot to Windows 7

    Recently, my mum's ASUS X5DC laptop crashed under my useage after trying to install Office 365. I did the most common solution by doing a hard shut down and turning it back on. Next moment the computer wouldn't boot into Windows, it kept saying: Now this was quite strange. I didn't actually...