Windows 10 Computer Won't Wake From Sleep or Hibernate

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My trouble is with sleep and hibernate modes. When either mode is entered the computer won’t wake. (When a ‘wake’ is initiated, the power light comes on, but not the monitor. I’ve seen the hard drive light barely flicker for a fraction of a second, but it doesn’t run for the length of time needed to bring the computer to an awakened state.)

It started about a week ago. The only way to get it going from either mode is to unplug the computer from the wall, wait until the green light on the power supply goes out, then replug it in and turn it on. (Since hybrid sleep is enabled, both will boot the computer back to where it was.)

The computer is an HP Envy desktop running Windows 10 Home Edition, AMD A10-APU with Radeon HD Graphics, 12 GB RAM.

Windows Update status- Your device is up to date, last checked yesterday.

This is what I’ve tried based on researching solutions people have suggested to others with similar problems-

1 Used HP Diagnostics to check the hardware- pass

2 Under Power Options- reset default plan settings and rebooted, no change

3 Under Power Options, Additional Settings- unchecked turn on fast startup and rebooted, no change

4 From shell in Administrator Mode I’ve done the following- entered the command-

powercfg -h off

-and rebooted, followed by entering the command

powercfg -h on

-and rebooted, no change

5 Reset the system BIOS to factory defaults, no change

6 Ran Troubleshooter- System and Security- Power. The only ‘problem’ it found was the length of time I’d chosen to keep the computer on before sleeping. I let it change to the recommended sleep time, no change to problem

7 Did a System Restore to a point when I believe the problem wasn’t happening, no change. EDIT: Just got a message pop-up that restore failed with the following message- Source Appx Staging Destination %Program% WindowsApps unspecified error 0x80070091’

8 Did a Malware scan, none found, no change

9 Did a Virus scan, none found, no change

This is the limit of what I can do based on Googling and looking in the Windows forum here. I haven’t tried a Registry Cleaner as more than one computer tech has said these do more harm than good. I would hate to have to reinstall Windows because it’s such a pain to reinstall apps and configure it, but I’m all out of ideas. Is there anything else to try?
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This can often be due to a driver or firmware issue. I'd start by update drivers and firmware (BIOS).
HP's hardware diagnostics are not that effective at diagnosing a true hardware problem with RAM memory sticks or your Hard Drive. You might consider testing your hardware using the free TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE I wrote here: Windows 10 - Unclickable Task Bar
There are a variety of HP Envy desktops; it would be helpful to have the full model number. According to what I researched, some of these PCs came out last Dec. 2016. If that's the case, I would use the built-in Recovery Assistant to make factory Recovery Media (Disc or USB stick), backup all your data to external media first. After getting your components to pass hardware testing with my recommended diagnostics, you should be able to Reinstall your W10 and get it to behave properly. If the problem persists, it's possible that your Motherboard may have failed. As that's a very expensive repair; ($400-$1500) you might check your receipt for the actual purchase date of your PC. If it was purchased last December, it's well within the 1-year factory warranty that HP has on all their computers including yours. If that's the case, you can call HP and send your PC to one of their factory warranty repair centers and they will fix it for free! Remember to ship it with the full insured market value of what the PC cost you new. For example, normal PC shipping on a $500 PC is about $60 in the US. If this PC was $1400; it would be another $90 on top of that as it's about $10 extra for each $100 of value on the item. This would cost you about $150 to ship to HP. The good news is if you are in Warranty period, that's much much cheaper than a several hundred dollar repair if you replaced the Mobo yourself or paid a repair shop to do this for you.

Remember that computers of any age can fail, though of course laptops and tablets suffer from that more than desktops since they are mobile devices that can leave the home and as such often suffer abuse such as drops etc. that can cause premature catastrophic hardware failure.

Best of luck,:encouragement:
Are you using the onboard graphics or a Radeon video card?
I had a GeForce 750Ti video card that worked fine for two years and it stopped sending video signal to monitor and causing the monitor to go blank.

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Thanks to everyone for replying. It’s greatly appreciated. And the lucky winner is, and this kind of blows my mind- Neemobeer. Two brownie points for you!

The computer worked fine with its original BIOS for almost 3 years. I even reflashed the original BIOS in there as a last ditch effort with no change. I went to the HP website, and HP made even discovering an update was available as clear as mud, but finally found there was an update, flashed it in, and... sleep and wake functions are again flawless. Boom, mind blown.

In case anyone is having a similar issue the model number is HP Envy 700-056. If your computer came with Windows 8.1 the HP site will tell you there’s NO update available for the BIOS. Check the exact same computer that came with Windows 8.0 and it will tell you there’s a critical BIOS update that should be applied. Also, when the update site tells you to find the motherboard version from within BIOS you won’t be able to. It’s simply not an option, but you can do within Windows 10 to make absolutely sure you’re applying the correct update.